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Do You Have a Fear of Losing Weight?
Categories: Weight Loss

If asked if they are afraid of losing weight, most people would laugh at such a ludicrous suggestion, and respond that they are desperate to shed their excess pounds. However it is not quite as ludicrous as it sounds. A lot of people find shedding weight difficult because they are subconsciously scared of losing it. […]

My Cleansing Diet: Liver Detox Prep
Categories: Mixed Bag

I have committed to a cleansing diet for the next two weeks – and possibly much longer – so if you’d like to follow along, please do so and feel free to ask questions or make comments. Obviously, I’m interested in a full body cleanse but my main concern is a liver detox. And naturally, […]

Dr. Oz: Losing Weight With The Dr. Oz 10 Commandments
Categories: Natural Remedies

Dr. Oz was a relatively unknown doctor – at least, outside the New York area – until he landed on Oprah’s show. Like Dr. Phil and others before him, a coveted spot on the Oprah show turned him into an overnight rock star doc with incredible press coverage. Also like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz now […]

How To Overcome Obstacles To Being Thin
Categories: Weight Loss

Have you ever thought about starting a new project – in this case, losing weight – and then giving up before you even started? Perhaps the project seems so overwhelming you think that your chances of success are nil. After all, losing weight is a challenge that many of the best and the brightest among […]

An Exercise Plan To Lose Weight: Best Ways To Exercise To Dump The Extra Pounds
Categories: Weight Loss

I am very interested the the ‘best’ exercise plan to lose weight. Clearly, there are ways to exercise that lead to more fat bunring than others. Having said that, though, it’s important to know that I don’t have the "final" answer. You can pick up books everywhere that claims that their way is not only […]

Positive Self Image: Improve Your Self Image & Lose Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

Simply losing weight isn’t enough – at least it isn’t enough for wise people, because we must lose weight in a way that improves our health. But all the books and guides focus on weight loss as an external process (eat less, move more, etc). The truth is that a positive self image is more […]

Cellulite Cures: Why “Losing Weight’ Might Not Get Rid Of Hateful Cellulite
Categories: Weight Loss

Cellulite cures are a subject of intense interest in our society because we all know people like Bruce – or we ARE Bruce – who was 40 pounds overweight on the day of his 65th birthday. Bruce hated the appearance of his body, covered with the dimpled fat called "cellulite" and desperately sought a method […]

Best Work Out Videos & The Best Work Out DVDs
Categories: Health

Since you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re interested in losing weight. In our culture the two "mainstays" of weight loss are diet and exercise. If you’re too busy [or too tired] to get to a gym or if the cost is too high, then you might want to exercise at home. If […]

Youthing As A Motivation To Lose Weight
Categories: Mixed Bag

If your motivation to lose weight runs out long before the pounds fall off, then how about this as a motivation: youthing! Of course, it’s a generalization, but … generally … people who are thin and active are less likely to get sick or suffer with hideous diseases. The entire point of our health habits […]

Visualization Techniques: Hypnosis & Weight Loss
Categories: Weight Loss

At one time, the notion that we could lose weight through our minds seemed exceedingly odd. However, today no one is surprised by this idea. But what kinds of visualization techniques are effective for losing weight? Clearly the answer depends upon each individual person since we all come from different experiences and different backgrounds. This […]