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Slim Fast Review: The Slim Fast Program As A Way To Drop The Pounds
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The Slim Fast program is a very famous diet that has been on the American scene for many years and most women have most likely seen the Slim Fast shakes and the Slim Fast bars in their local grocery. The original Slim Fast meal plan was two shakes per day – one for breakfast and […]

The Protein Power Diet
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The Protein Power diet is written by Drs. Mary Dan and Michael Eades. Many believe it is one of the best low carb diets and if you’re interested in low carb dieting you might want to check out their diet. The Dangers Of A Low Carb Weight Loss Diet The low carb weight loss diet […]

Popular Fad Diets: The 3 Day Diet Plan
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The 3 Day Diet plan is an incredibly strict, very low calorie diet, that is supposed to be followed for no more than three days. Which is a darned good thing since the calories are too low for health. The diet promises a loss of "up to" 10 pounds in those three days. Whenever I […]