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The Harsh Lunesta Side Effects They Don’t Tell You About … Until It Is Too Late!
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I suffered from insomnia for more than ten years, and I tried many different remedies to try to cure my sleeplessness. When my doctor prescribed Lunesta for me, I was hopeful and optimistic because he told me that Lunesta is the most commonly prescribed sleep medication in America. However, taking it was one of the […]

Lunesta Withdrawal: The Dirty Secret Sepracor Doesn’t Want You To Know
Categories: Natural Sleep

I received an agitated phone call early one morning from my good friend, Karen, who was attempting Lunesta withdrawal on her own. Desperate to sleep, Karen allowed herself to be persuaded to take Lunesta sleeping pills, hoping for a miracle. After only two weeks, she realized that Lunesta was not for her, primarily because she […]