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Motivation: Easier Than You Think!
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Our guest author today has written so beautifully about Zumba that I'm ready to sign up immediately. Having fun, while getting in shape, sounds like the Impossible Dream, doesn't it? And PS: Maggie also loves … orangutans. I had let myself be lazy long enough. I enjoyed it, but it was time to get back […]

8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 1)
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Do you crave the idea of superb muscle and fitness – but hate exercise? Or perhaps 'hate' is too strong a word, but it's definitely down at the top of your 'Unfavorite Things' list. You're not alone. Health and fitness might be a high priority in theory, but many people don't like exercise – but […]

Need Motivation? Here Are 26 Tips To Increase Your Personal Motivation “Fire”
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Lots of us – MOST of us? ALL of us? – feel like we need a motivation injection from time to time. In fact, personal motivation is often cited as a huge factor in failure of every sort. Pain, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is a super strong force for change … Getting really […]