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Winter Depression Begone!
Categories: Mixed Bag

We’ve had a remarkably tough winter here in Atlanta with four snow storms that have accumulated – and several more that didn’t stick on the ground. If you don’t know Georgia, you might not realize how amazing that kind of snowfall is. On top of that, we’ve had really cold weather for the sunny south, […]

Can a Colon And Body Cleanse Truly Help You Lose Weight?
Categories: Weight Loss

If you happen to be serious about finding healthy ways to lose weight, you've surely heard of colon cleanses as a safe and healthy fat loss program? The concept behind a colon cleansing diet is that it is possible to clean out your colon, the sewer system of the body, by way of several healthy, […]

The Swine Flu Disease Doesn’t Exist!
Categories: Natural Remedies

Dr. Robert Young, author of the pH Balance Diet, says the swine flu disease doesn’t exist. He’s been saying that for quite a long time, actually. Below you will find an article written by him that is very thought-provoking. The following is an email exchange between Matt Schweder and Dr. Robert O. Young concerning the […]