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Choose Drought Flowers For Drought Resistant Gardening
Categories: Mixed Bag

In the last few days I murdered an innocent cilantro plant. Boo to me! I forgot to water it and even though I rushed with copious amounts of water when I realized my neglect, it was too late. It did remind me, though, of the wisdom of choosing drought flowers and herbs for drought resistant […]

Gardening With Kids: A Kid + Gardening Creates Magic!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Gardening with kids has such a multiplicity of benefits that it’s hard to know where to start. Digging in the dirt and growing live plants is such an environmentally-friendly activity that if you have two things you need to consider it: a desire to garden and kids to do it with. A garden with kids […]

The Ginseng Plant In The Energy Drink Market
Categories: Natural Remedies

The energy drink market is a booming business in the uS. Millions of people are seemingly addicted and one of the primary energy drink ingredients if the ginseng plant. I enjoy the TV show NCIS and one of its characters is a goth lab tech named Abb,y played by Pauley Perrette. She attended a party […]

Gardening In Containers For Year Round Lush Beauty
Categories: At Home

Gardening in containers is a very efficient use of space. If you live in a condo or apartment and have a deck or patio you can grow flowers, herbs and even small amounts of veggies. After all, why should the suburbanites have all the fun? But, you might be like me: I have a large […]