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Choose Drought Flowers For Drought Resistant Gardening
Categories: Mixed Bag

In the last few days I murdered an innocent cilantro plant. Boo to me! I forgot to water it and even though I rushed with copious amounts of water when I realized my neglect, it was too late. It did remind me, though, of the wisdom of choosing drought flowers and herbs for drought resistant […]

Organic Gardening Pest Control
Categories: At Home, Natural Remedies

We choose organic gardening because we want to avoid all the chemicals that are so prevalent in our society. But as soon as we make a commitment to raising food this way, we’re faced with out deadliest enemy: bugs! How do we kill them – or at least, get rid of them – without heavy-duty […]

Native American Herbal Remedies & The Power To Heal
Categories: Natural Remedies

The Native American medicine tradition hasn't gotten as much publicity as either the healing traditions of India [Ayurveda] or that of China [TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine]. This is truly a shame for many reasons – but especially because the Native American plants grow on this continent, rather than thousands of miles away. Naturally this […]