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The hCG Diet Plan: Is The hCG Diet Plan Looney Tunes Or A Gift From The Diet Gods?
Categories: Weight Loss

The hCG diet plan is THE hottest diet in the western world these days – and no wonder because it can trigger weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day! In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s not recommended unless you have at least 10 pounds to lose … all you wimpy three or four pound […]

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is A Powerful Natural Weight Loss Supplement [Part 2]
Categories: Natural Remedies

(Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Part 1) Garcinia Cambogia extract {HCA} is a powerful natural weight loss supplement that helps some overweight folks – but not all. If you are personally interested in Garcinia Cambogia extract, you may get better results if you also take Chromium, an inexpensive mineral. Chromium seems to decline in the human body […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup Foods Loaded With Deadly Mercury
Categories: Health

Two alarming studies have recently revealed the presence of deadly mercury in high fructose corn syrup foods. + When testing samples of high fructose corn syrup foods almost ONE THIRD contained mercury + Testing for high fructose corn syrup itself revealed the presence of mercury in almost HALF of the samples This is especially alarming […]