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Final Phase Fat Loss Review
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The Final Phase Fat Loss program was created by John Romaniello (alias 'Roman'), fitness guru and self proclaimed "pretty boy". He was a winner of T Nation's HOT-ROX Inferno Challenge which is an amazing feat because the contest is based on making dramatic visual changes in the body. Yet Roman was already is such good […]

TACFIT Commando Review
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Question: who are the toughest, fittest guys in the world? The vast majority of us would answer that the toughest, fittest guys in the world are those who serve in elite military units. But how can any of us civilian types learn to be a strong and powerful as they are without actually joining the […]

Children’s Diabetes: An Amazing Story Of Diabetes In Kids
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Is children’s diabetes a problem in your family? I am a huge fan of the pH Balance program. The originator is Dr. Robert Young and he has several books, one of which deals with diabetes in kids and adults. Does his program work? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.   If your baby […]