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141 New Audubon Cross Stitch Patterns
Categories: Fun Time

We keep adding exciting new products to BlissPlan shop and the latest is a collection of 141 cross stitch patterns based on the famous naturalist and painter, John James Audubon. Of course, they are all available individually but the Audubon Collection is much cheaper and will keep a bird-lover in Stitcher Heaven for a long, long […]

Flower Fairy Cross Stitch Patterns: 130 Professionally Edited Flower Fairy Images & Patterns
Categories: Fun Time

We’ve just introduced a new product here in our BlissPlan shop. It’s 130 cross stitch patterns of the famous Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker. We sell all of these flower fairies individually, but for those who love the fairies, these are the best ways to grab them. And the first thing we do is have […]

My Favorite Funny Quote (So Far)
Categories: Funny Quotes

We’re just starting to create printable and downloadable funny quotes here at +10 Designs and this is my favorite one so far. Isn’t this annoyed owl simply priceless? He really does look peeved. He’s already printable but I think we’ll go ahead and make a cross stitch pattern, too. In fact, *I* might stitch him because I […]

Pronoia Designs Is Open For Business!
Categories: Fun Time

  At BlissPlan, we are super thrilled today!!! Why? Because our design line, Pronoia Designs, finally has its own home. We’ve been selling on Amazon, Etsy and Craftsy, but now we have out own site and we’re going to put the bulk of our attention here. OK, But What Is Pronoia Designs, Anyway? Pronoia Designs […]