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Memorial Day & Gratitude
Categories: Mixed Bag

On this Memorial Day, 2011, we can only offer a "Thank you!" to all the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives, health and well being so that the rest of us can live in safety. Gratitude and respect are the least of what we owe you. And for everyone else … have […]

Back Pain Relief 3 Ways
Categories: Natural Remedies

There used to be a TV commercial which avowed, "When you have your health, you have just about everything!" That commercial was right – just ask anyone with frequent back pain! Of course this wisdom holds true for anyone who is sick or in pain for any reason. But there's no doubt that back pain […]

Can Superstitions Truly Bring Good Luck?
Categories: Mixed Bag

I rarely print other people’s articles but I found this quite interesting. A study at the University of Cologen, Germany, indicates that if we believe in superstitions, they just might bring us good luck. Of course, the crossed fingers or rabbit foot (I’ve always wondered about that one – the rabbit certainly wasn’t lucky) aren’t […]

Positive Self Image: Improve Your Self Image & Lose Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

Simply losing weight isn’t enough – at least it isn’t enough for wise people, because we must lose weight in a way that improves our health. But all the books and guides focus on weight loss as an external process (eat less, move more, etc). The truth is that a positive self image is more […]

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT
Categories: Health

I am a huge fan of the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. A recent dynamic EFT movie has come out and it’s called ‘Try It On Everything’. The "it" is, of course, EFT therapy. Why do I love EFT? It’s Free to learn … Easy to do … It works 100% of the time for […]