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A Tasty Raw Food Dessert
Categories: Health

I like raw food and it's unquestionably healthy – but sometimes I get restless for something sweet. I love 'regular' apple pie so decided to give this raw food dessert a try. And it is DELICIOUS. I'm sort of reluctant to recommend anything because we all have different tastes and you might try this and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures
Categories: Natural Remedies

Apple cider vinegar cures appear to have been utilized hundreds of years to eliminate health issues that people might have. Actually, apple cider vinegar has even been used to help pets recover their health – meaning, it’s not just good for us humans! Our furry and feathered friends like it, too. Apple cider vinegar can […]

Living Foods: History of the Raw Foods Diet
Categories: Health

Nothing we can ever ingest is better for our bodies than living foods. This makes perfect sense because the basic unit of the body – the cell – is alive and needs the energy and life force from living, raw food. When our food is cooked to death [literally!] then how can our cells gain […]