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Recipes For Kids: Sneaking Zucchini Into A Chocolate Loaf
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I admit to being mystified about why kids generally don’t like veggies – except for french fried potatoes, of course. Yet we women know that vegetables are necessary for maximum health and since we’re usually the household cook, we need to figure out ways to get those veggies into the menu. By subterfuge and sneakiness, […]

The Basic Pasta Salad Recipe Is Quite Simple
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Pasta is traditionally made from unleavened dough of wheat or buckwheat flour and water., although there are many new kinds of pastas today. For instance, when you are ready to prepare a pasta salad, you might choose pasta made of quinoa, spelt, brown rice, artichoke, beet or asparagus. And pasta is available in different lengths, […]

Turkey Recipes For The Thanksgiving Menu Are Cool – But What About The Turducken?
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Turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving dinner bird and most folks choose it for the Christmas table, too. As a vegetarian, I don’t care what the meat is, but my family does. So here are three ways to cook that poor turkey besides sticking it in the oven. But, first … if you’re tired of turkey, […]

4 Healthy Breakfast Meal Ideas
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There’s a reason that the first meal of the day is named "break-fast" since we need to end a long period of not eating or end our fast. In fact, for most of us, the hours asleep are the longest period that we go without eating. So it’s important to consider some breakfast meal ideas […]

9 Reasons To Drink Green Smoothies
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Do you know what a "green" smoothie is? It's simply a smoothie that contains some green veggies, some phytonutrients. These can be 'live' foods or they can be green powders. But one thing is for sure: if you want a simple, low cost and extremely healthy habit, drink a couple of green smoothies every day. […]

The Pritikin Diet
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If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss diet plan, look no further than the Pritikin diet. As explained in his fascinating book, The Pritikin Principle: The Calorie Density Solution, Robert Pritikin, son of founder Natahn Pritikin, offers a "calorie density solution" that will work for anyone. The epidemic spread of overweight and obesity is […]

The Sonoma Diet Equals Healthy Fat Loss
Categories: Natural Remedies

The Sonoma Diet plan is focused on healthy fat loss rather than some of the extreme diets that are so popular these days. A combination of two areas on the planet that have a reputation for being laid back – the Sonoma valley of California (hence the name) and the Mediterranean Sea area of Europe […]

5 Star Alkaline Recipes: Kale Salad For Quick Healthy Meals
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I am a devotee of the alkaline diet and way of life and this is one of my favorite alkaline recipes: kale salad. Simple, healthy recipes are important to all of us who care about our health and that of our family. So, if you’re looking for healthy recipe ideas, check out this video and […]

Truly Healthy Vegetarian Recipes: Strawberry Sorbet
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Much as I hate to face it, the hot weather is on its way to Atlanta. Groan. Still, it has its compensations and strawberry sorbet is one of them. I'm always searching for healthy vegetarian recipes that are also yummy and fruit sorbets definitely qualify. In fact, I'm really greedy for my sorbets in the […]