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Healing Home Remedies Are More Relevant Than Ever!
Categories: Natural Remedies

For thousands of years, the only way our ancestors could treat disease was with healing home remedies. Until the 19th and early 20th centuries, home cures came from the garden and the kitchen. However, this faded away when the male-dominated doctor and medical profession began to grow. This group scorned the home remedies of our […]

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection
Categories: Natural Remedies

There are several popular home remedies for a yeast infection. In truth, however, most of them either do not work at all or don’t work as well as medicines, even over-the-counter ones. There are only two home remedies for yeast infection that really work. Prevention Of Yeast Infection One of the most important home remedies […]

Natural Hair Growth, Part 1
Categories: Mixed Bag

Natural hair growth is a subject of great concern to many people. Those with a full head of hair may snicker at those who are anxiously glancing in mirrors and trying ever remedy under the sun, but hair growth treatment is a multi billion dollar business – yep, that’s a “B” – and no joke […]