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P90X Review: Evaluating The Hot P90X Program
Categories: Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and get in shape – in fact, you want the body of a Greek goddess or god – it is easy to get become confused and frustrated. That’s because there are fifty zillion diets and exercise routines. Besides, every body and mind are different and what works for you […]

Yoga Toes: Yoga Stretching for Your Feet
Categories: Mixed Bag

I do yoga and I have trouble with my toes (don’t most people?) so I am very interested in Yoga Toes. Steve Dub has written a really nice review of these interesting little “toe-fixers”. Perhaps Yoga Toes are the antidote to shoes that squish our feet into unnatural positions. Lots of people know just how […]

Green Tea Review: Properties Of Green Tea Are Overwhelmingly Positive
Categories: Natural Remedies

Any green tea review must begin by noting that green tea is a truly cool product! The properties of green tea are myriad – or we should say that the beneficial properties of green tea are outstanding. In fact, we don’t have anything negative to say about green tea unless we drink too much of […]

Skin Care Product Review, Part 2
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Yesterday we discussed the first rule for a skin care product review and toward we talk about a second important “rule” – rule, that is, if you’re concerned about safety and your health. So, the second consideration when making a skin care product review is knowing your ingredients. Evaluating the safety of cosmetic products is […]

Skin Care Product Review, Part 1
Categories: Natural Skin Care

A skin care product review is very valuable – maybe – depending on who is doing the review. But what’s even better than a review is being able to evaluate skin care products for yourself. Because the truth is that many companies these days claim to be a natural skin care manufacturers because ‘natural’ and […]