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Protecting Your Skin Starts With Protecting Yourself From the Sun!
Categories: Beauty

Hotlanta has been living up to its name the last two or so months so protection from the merciless sun is a Big Deal around here. Our guest author today talks about hos to keep ourselves safe from the sun. Everyone aspires to have smooth, natural skin yet the environment makes it difficult to turn […]

Are You Sunburned? 61 Sunburn Treatment Ideas
Categories: Anti-Aging, Beauty

It's that time of year when being sunburned is all too common. Sunburns aren't just painful – they're aging to your skin! Horrors! None of us want to look 'old' – in fact, that's a source of supreme dread in our youth-fascinated culture. Obviously, the #1 way to avoid agonizing sunburn and its aging effects […]

Yes, We Women Need Anti-Aging Night Cream
Categories: Beauty

We all know that we aren’t going to live eternally. (Well, actually I am! :-) Our bodies start to age from the time we are born, that is why there is so much research into anti aging products – including my beloved anti-aging night cream. This aging seems to take up speed after we trun […]

Tattoo Designs: Safe Or Not?
Categories: Mixed Bag

Thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of people in the 21st century have tattoo designs on their bodies and the art of tattooing is big business, so the associated risks have been kept fairly quiet. Just be aware that our skin is our first line of protection from a huge number of diseases & […]

A Guide to Natural Skin Care
Categories: Beauty

Most women would like to find a quick and easy skin care routine that will help them look their best without draining their pocketbook, so here are some basic guidelines for designing an all-inclusive natural skin care regimen that will work for you. The most important thing to remember when designing any natural skin care […]

Sun & Skin Damage Are (Sadly) Inevitable Partners
Categories: Anti-Aging

Sun and skin damage go together. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that EXCESSIVE sun and skin damage are inevitable partners. In the past people have been slaves to the sun. They would slather themselves in oil and bake their skin in the sun. Some people have even resorted to using foil reflectors to reflect […]

Safe Skin Care & The Critical Need For Safe Skin Care Products
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Naturally, we all want a young and gorgeous face but too often we don’t think about the consequences of our skin care regime. What we absolutely MUST focus on is SAFE skin care. After all, is it really worth it to spend time and energy creating a smooth and unwrinkled face – but destroy our […]

10 Tips For Skin Care: Beauty & Skin Care Tips To Delay – Or Eliminate – Aging Appearance
Categories: Natural Skin Care

An important component of beauty for all people is smooth and wrinkle free skin and these 10 skin care tips will definitely help to achieve – or maintain – such gorgeous skin. Those with flawless skin receive a definite increase in their self-confidence that helps them have a more beneficial perspective on life. Aside from […]

INSIST Upon Certified Organic Skin Care Products
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Homo sapiens has been tripping across the planet for many long millennia and it’s a sure thing that we have always preferred to to look gorgeous, sexy, desirable – and be the envy of all our friends. Until recently, though, our beauty products were minerals, plants and other goodies abundantly supplied by Mother Nature – […]

Oil Of Olay Products: Mineral Oil Is The LEAST Of Their Problems
Categories: Natural Skin Care

If you use Oil Of Olay products, you'd better get accustomed to a new name because the new name is simply "Olay". This is because many consumers are realizing that the 'oil' in Oil of Olay is mineral oil on skin just isn't a fine idea. In fact, it's a terrible idea and mineral oil […]