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Yes, We Women Need Anti-Aging Night Cream
Categories: Beauty

We all know that we aren’t going to live eternally. (Well, actually I am! :-) Our bodies start to age from the time we are born, that is why there is so much research into anti aging products – including my beloved anti-aging night cream. This aging seems to take up speed after we trun […]

How to Find Natural Skincare & Organic Products And Services
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Due to the recent surge in the popularity of natural skincare products, organic creams and treatments are more available than ever before. Quality organic products can be found on the internet, in spas, and even at local health and drug stores. The best way to locate high-quality natural skincare products is to order them directly […]

Safe Skin Care Products: 3 Critical Truths
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Ultimately, firm & glowing skin is a myth unless we use safe skin care products. The problem is that most of us are totally unaware of the hazards of our current skincare products. An example: recently I was in a Home Depot store looking for some liquid cement or super glue. On the back of […]

Why Your Beauty & Skin Care Products Just Might Send You To The Hospital (Or Worse)
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Beauty and skin care products are wildly popular but unsuspecting users may not realize that the face and skin care products they’re using may be quite dangerous. Hoping to become more beautiful, we choose products without adequate knowledge of what they’re doing to our bodies. All skincare products — from the cheapest drug store brand […]

Beauty Tips: Natural Remedies From Kitchen & Pantry
Categories: Natural Skin Care

If you look around your home, you will most likely find three products that are excellent for antiaging skin care. We all want beauty tips that we can act on without spending much money and these are both inexpensive and effective, if only in a limited way. The best part is that they’re natural remedies, […]

Skin Care Product Review, Part 2
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Yesterday we discussed the first rule for a skin care product review and toward we talk about a second important “rule” – rule, that is, if you’re concerned about safety and your health. So, the second consideration when making a skin care product review is knowing your ingredients. Evaluating the safety of cosmetic products is […]

Skin Care Product Review, Part 1
Categories: Natural Skin Care

A skin care product review is very valuable – maybe – depending on who is doing the review. But what’s even better than a review is being able to evaluate skin care products for yourself. Because the truth is that many companies these days claim to be a natural skin care manufacturers because ‘natural’ and […]

Anti Wrinkle Face Cream & Antiaging Skin Care Products
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Most of us – no, make that ALL of us – aren’t exactly fond of the idea of looking and getting older. Since our face is one of the most important barometers of age, most women and many men become interested in an anti wrinkle face cream, sooner or later. Wrinkles are “The Enemy” and […]

Skin Care For Men
Categories: Mixed Bag

Contrary to popular belief that big rough, tough men don’t care about their skin, the reality is that skin care for men is a hot business. In spite of sometimes worrying about being derided by their buddies if they find out, (think about Marty Crane when Frasier and Niles discussed their spa facials! :-) many […]

Organic Face Cream A Must!
Categories: Natural Skin Care

One reason that an organic face cream is a ‘must’ is that it isn’t loaded with preservatives. I have been accused of being an alarmist for even caring about such an issue. After all, what’s the big deal about a dab of preservative in a face cream? It’s only a small amount and it’s outside […]