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Homemade Healthy Drinks to Keep You Hydrated
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It is SO hot and humid in my town that I detest going outside! About all I want to eat is ice cream and cold drinks. But we humans sweat a lot in the heat so we need to stay hydrated and thus we need to be careful about liquids. I admit that my favorite […]

About Fructose Products
Categories: Health

Unless you're very informed about labels and fanatically careful about additives, chances are you eat very few 'pure' foods – meaning foods that don't include anything but real food. The two most prominent are preservatives (which makes food last until approximately 2500 AD) and sweeteners. One of the newly-popular ones is fructose. But is this […]

Osteoporosis Prevention: Mucho Misinformation About Osteoporosis
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Osteoporosis prevention should be a vitally important subject to everyone because it’s a horrible, painful disease that destroys the bones and causes suffering for millions of women – and men. Research suggests that the real cause of osteoporosis is hormonal, rather than simply reduced calcium as many believe. As we age, some women stop producing […]