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Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 6: Living In An E-a-s-y World
Categories: Self Help

My Gratitude Journal today is a bit hard to do because it’s so nice outside that I want to race out the door. But I won’t – at least not yet. Writing these gratitude pages is a commitment to myself and I intend to honor it, no matter what. What are you doing to honor […]

Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 5: The Power
Categories: Self Help

Would you like to know my goal in writing this Gratitude Journal? It’s to live like this description from Rhonda Byrne in her book The Power: When you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. You break the limits on money, health, happiness and joy. When you fall in love with life you have […]

Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 1: An Invitation To You
Categories: Self Help

I, Sydney Johnston, am committing to (at least) a 30 day gratitude journal on this blog. And I extend an invitation to YOU to do likewise. It doesn’t matter where you express your gratitude and appreciation but you are welcome to post an entry in the comments section below my entries.   A Powerful WHY For […]