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Back Pain Exercises Absolutely CAN Help With The Pain!
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Back pain is so common in civilized societies that those who hurt are more common than those who don’t. Estimates are that roughly 80% of all Americans will suffer from back pain at some time in their life. One reason many become interested in fitness as they age is because they are desperate for relief […]

Happy Halloween To Kids and Grown-Up Kids!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Have a wonderful, spooky – and safe – Halloween. Stop by my house if you’re in the neighborhood. We go all out for this wonderful time – including watching Halloween Town 1 and 2 by Debbie Reynolds. And don’t eat too much candy – save a bit for next week. :-)

A Simple Cough Cure?
Categories: Health

I found this interesting cough cure online yesterday. I have no clue if it works – and I REALLY don't want a cough so that I can test it!!! :-) – but if anyone out there does have a cough, give it a try and let the rest of us know. Thanks in advance … […]