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Can a Colon And Body Cleanse Truly Help You Lose Weight?
Categories: Weight Loss

If you happen to be serious about finding healthy ways to lose weight, you've surely heard of colon cleanses as a safe and healthy fat loss program? The concept behind a colon cleansing diet is that it is possible to clean out your colon, the sewer system of the body, by way of several healthy, […]

Denise Austin Diet & Workout
Categories: Weight Loss

I like Denise Austin! I have several of the Denise Austin’s exercise books [my favorite is Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands] and they’re sane and sensible and promote healthy fat loss. I know that I’m always raving about the healthy ways to lose weight – but what use is it to lose weight […]

Cheat Your Way Thin Review: 14 Doughnuts A Day? Me, Too!
Categories: Reviews

If your weight loss – or lack thereof – is driving you to eat 14 doughnuts a day, then you might wonder if there's any hope for you. Speaking for myself, as soon as diet plans appear in my life, I'm hit with an uncontrolled urge to eat, eat, eat! The problem is that all […]