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Visualization For Weight Loss
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If you've ever been a roller coaster dieter who loses weight – gains it back – loses weight again – gains it back (and more), then you know that's a bummer of a deal. Instead, you need permanent weight loss and one way to achieve just that is using visualization for weight loss. Until approximately […]

Best Apps for Counting Calories
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This is the age of technology and we are all a part of it. Technology offers new solutions to age-old problems like losing weight. Today's author suggests five different ways to keep track of our daily calories that are more efficient than paper and pencil. Keeping track of calories on a daily basis can be […]

Watching and Not Just Counting What We Eat
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Over the past twenty years or so, obesity has slowly become an epidemic, not just in America, but even around the globe. While many factors contribute to the increase in weight problems that individuals face, it cannot be denied that the “super-sizing” and fast-food culture that have slowly invaded the nation has contributed greatly to […]

The hCG Diet Plan: Is The hCG Diet Plan Looney Tunes Or A Gift From The Diet Gods?
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The hCG diet plan is THE hottest diet in the western world these days – and no wonder because it can trigger weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day! In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s not recommended unless you have at least 10 pounds to lose … all you wimpy three or four pound […]

Belly Fat Remedy
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Our guest author today discusses a topic that is near and dear to my heart – belly fat. No matter how thin I am, I always have a slight tummy bulge. It seems to be the LAST darn spot to thin down. Have you been struggling to learn how to lose belly fat? If so, […]

The Blood Type Diet: Eat Right For Your Type
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The blood type diet, as explained in Eat Right For Your Type, was created by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. According to his explanation, we all have a 'perfect' way to eat based on our blood type. D'Adamo asserts that if you follow his guidelines you will be supremely healthy and filled with energy. If you know […]

5 Clues That A Binge Eating Disaster Is Imminent
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Many years ago there was a TV series called 'Lost In Space'. One of the stars of this cheesy show was a robot who would warn of approaching problems by repeating the words, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger". So if you've ever found yourself deep into binge eating before you even consciously realized what was happening, […]

Final Phase Fat Loss Review
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The Final Phase Fat Loss program was created by John Romaniello (alias 'Roman'), fitness guru and self proclaimed "pretty boy". He was a winner of T Nation's HOT-ROX Inferno Challenge which is an amazing feat because the contest is based on making dramatic visual changes in the body. Yet Roman was already is such good […]

A Fat Burning Furnace Review
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The Fat Burning Furnace program is extremely popular right now – and it's no wonder why. It's an irreverent change from the usual (use monotone, colorless voice here …) "eat less, exercise more". Or even worse, "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie" (It's not! 300 calories of Snickers bar is handled a lot […]

Eating & Exercise Techniques for Weight Loss
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Still figuring out how to lose weight fast? Well, if you check all of The Net, you will find a whole lot of resources that may or may not work. There is no best approach to weight loss, but you can definitely determine the factors that cause weight gain and obesity. By targeting these factors, […]