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10 Weight Loss Myths
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Our guest author today explains some of the more common weight loss myths. I recognize some of them – do you? Everyone has his or her own take on the best way to lose weight. Over the ages, weight loss has become one of the most socially controversial subjects, with so many opposing views, ideas, […]

What Is A Detox Cleanse?
Categories: Beauty

Today we start a multi-article series on detoxing or cleansing: who should do it, how to do it, the rewards and the not-so-fun moments. If you've been wondering if a detox is right for you, we start here with a lot of answers. For decades, those of us who believed in a detox cleanse were […]

The New Atkins Diet: Is It Really Safer?
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Our guest author today gives us the low-down on the "new" Atkins diet. Is it safer than the former one? Do dieters still get amazing results in a hurry? Read on and find out … In 1972, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution was among the top five best selling diet books on the market. Dr. […]

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss
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It’s a misnomer to talk about the Jennifer Hudson weight loss diet – if you’re thinking of a new diet created by American Idol star Jennifer Hudson. Yes, Hudson lost weight and looks terrific but she used two already-existing programs: weight watchers and the exercise portion of the Five Factor Diet. How Much Weight Did […]

Practical & Sane Weight Loss Tips
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There are a lot of weight loss tips and plans out there. You will be amazed by the number of weight loss suggestions and tips which don’t help most people. Why is that? It could be either the tips they are getting are not at all reliable, or they may have understood the tips, but […]

8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 2)
Categories: Mixed Bag

Yesterday we posted 8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 1) of our articles on exercise motivation and we're happy to complete it here. Health and fitness aren't just related – they're the yin/yang, the indissolvable marriage, the Must Haves for radiant, blissful living. The problem is that many of us DETEST […]

8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 1)
Categories: Mixed Bag

Do you crave the idea of superb muscle and fitness – but hate exercise? Or perhaps 'hate' is too strong a word, but it's definitely down at the top of your 'Unfavorite Things' list. You're not alone. Health and fitness might be a high priority in theory, but many people don't like exercise – but […]

Fitness Tracker: Daily Burn Review
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If you looking for one of the best fitness online sites to create your very own fitness tracker, consider Daily Burn. Daily burn is an attractive site that will NOT drive you stark-raving-mad trying to figure out how to use it. And it’s loaded with features like personalized training programs, calorie counters, a food dairy […]

Dr. Oz: Losing Weight With The Dr. Oz 10 Commandments
Categories: Natural Remedies

Dr. Oz was a relatively unknown doctor – at least, outside the New York area – until he landed on Oprah’s show. Like Dr. Phil and others before him, a coveted spot on the Oprah show turned him into an overnight rock star doc with incredible press coverage. Also like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz now […]

3 Weight Loss Tips For Woman Or Men On Their Way To Buy Food
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Although it’s true that most people fail at losing weight, it’s also true that a great number of men and women have succeeded at reducing their weight. Why do some win and some lose? Well, one thing is for sure: weight loss begins and ends with the food available in your home (and office, and […]