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Positive Self Image: Improve Your Self Image & Lose Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

Simply losing weight isn’t enough – at least it isn’t enough for wise people, because we must lose weight in a way that improves our health. But all the books and guides focus on weight loss as an external process (eat less, move more, etc). The truth is that a positive self image is more […]

Your Weight Loss: Moderation In Everything
Categories: Weight Loss

Want the best possible advice about your weight loss? Then consider moderation in everything, rather than going to extremes. Unfortunately, most people cannot find any kind of moderation in their weight loss programs. Most people try to push themselves to do far more than they can actually do, such as working out for absurd amounts […]

Mindful Eating: How Inner Awareness Can Help You Lose Your Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

So many who struggle to lose the flab are totally unaware of mindful eating and how developing an inner awareness of everything you’re putting in your mouth can help you lose your weight. In fact, mindless eating is THE biggest cause of overweight! Have you ever been watching TV – and look down to notice […]

Eat Natural Healthy Food To Lose Weight Naturally
Categories: Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight naturally and (sort of) easily then consider eating only natural healthy food instead of "low fat", "light", "sugar free" or other so-called special foods. Natural and organic food works WITH the body, rather than trying to trick or fool it into giving up the pounds. You may have tried […]

Emotional Overeating: An Effective Overeating ‘Treatment’
Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

Emotional overeating is obviously a serious problem these days. If you doubt this, look around you when you're in a crowded area like a mall, restaurant or movie. You will see fat people everywhere, right? And why would anyone take in much more food than their poor body wants or needs if it wasn't for […]

Popular Fad Diets: The Acai Berry Diet Plan
Categories: Weight Loss

Acai Berry Diet mania began when enormously popular Oprah Winfrey mentioned these Amazonian berries on her TV show. Anything Oprah mentions or endorses becomes popular overnight and it wasn’t long before acai berries began appearing in everything from drinks to ice cream. The acai berry phenomenon has been labeled a fad, but that is simply […]

Popular Fad Diets: Junk Or Miracle?
Categories: Weight Loss

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re reviewing a series of popular fad diets. Many diet fads come and go at lightning speed … and disappear never to be heard from again. The ones we’ll review have been around for quite a long time. The fad weight loss diets we’ll review are: Ice Cream Diet […]

The Alli Weight Loss Pill: Alli Side Effects
Categories: Health

The makers of the Alli weight loss pill, the massive pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, acknowledge that there are inevitably "treatment effects" – otherwise known as the inevitable disastrous consequences that result from taking any and all drugs. In fact, the Alli side effects are really quite horrifying, both in regards to health and in being a […]

Are Online Weight Loss Groups Valuable?
Categories: Weight Loss

Most people who are interested in losing weight have, at one time or another, thought about joining some sort of weight-loss program. They’re everywhere of course, from Weight Watchers, to Overeaters Anonymous to programs at the local health spa. But most people are busy and feel like they don’t have the time to "go" somewhere […]

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is A Powerful Natural Weight Loss Supplement [Part 2]
Categories: Natural Remedies

(Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Part 1) Garcinia Cambogia extract {HCA} is a powerful natural weight loss supplement that helps some overweight folks – but not all. If you are personally interested in Garcinia Cambogia extract, you may get better results if you also take Chromium, an inexpensive mineral. Chromium seems to decline in the human body […]