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Yes, Healthy Pizza Can Be Part Of A Weight Loss Diet
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Who doesn’t love pizza? Oh, I suppose there are a few misguided fools who don’t drool at the smell of this glorious food (no offense to those fools :-). The problem for many of us, though, is that pizza is loaded with fat and calories and since most of us are overweight … Then there’s […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day Four
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My fast and healthy weight loss day started just fine, for a change. This morning I drank my chocolate cherry wonder drink. Yum and Yum. This was a wonderful morning for two reasons: I didn’t go through my usual torture about going to the QT (see Day 1). I like my new drink so much […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day Two
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My fast healthy weight loss, Day 2, began as pure torture! I said I wouldn’t have my morning drink (see Day 1) but I almost caved. I know that it’s important to keep a part of my morning ritual so I got in my car and drove to my business mail box to check the […]

The Pritikin Diet
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If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss diet plan, look no further than the Pritikin diet. As explained in his fascinating book, The Pritikin Principle: The Calorie Density Solution, Robert Pritikin, son of founder Natahn Pritikin, offers a "calorie density solution" that will work for anyone. The epidemic spread of overweight and obesity is […]

The Protein Power Diet
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The Protein Power diet is written by Drs. Mary Dan and Michael Eades. Many believe it is one of the best low carb diets and if you’re interested in low carb dieting you might want to check out their diet. The Dangers Of A Low Carb Weight Loss Diet The low carb weight loss diet […]

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight? A Loud Affirmative – Maybe!
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If you're in a hurry and looking for the quickest way to lose weight then you've most likely heard of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan. It's extremely popular – and it's no wonder because it makes the bold statement that you can lose 9 lbs in 11 days – while eating all the goodies […]

Diet Reviews: Choose The Best Weight Loss Diet For You
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Four letter words have a bad rep in our culture and the four-letter-word "diet" is one of the most horrid. So if we're going to undertake this Herculean feat, then at least we want it to be as painless as possible and we want the best results we can possibly get. Hence, these diet reviews […]

SANE Weight Loss For Teenagers
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In 21st century American, weight loss and teenagers seem to have an eternal marriage. We live in a culture that is way too focused on appearance and teenagers are bombarded with messages about how they "ought" to look – mostly like their favorite movie stars and action heroes. But it's critical that they do not […]