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Choosing the Best Weight Loss Supplements
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Today's guest author's advice about weight loss supplements is very useful because it's easy to get confused because of the vast number of choices on the market. I thinkhis best comment is: diet pills are “helpers” not “fixers”. Absolutely right! With swimsuit season just around the corner and people wanting to get in shape for […]

Weight Loss With Green Tea
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Lots of people are interested in weight loss with green tea. There are many reasons: For one thing, green tea is inexpensive and you can buy natural varieties that don't add toxic chemicals to your body. Furthermore, It's simple to concoct – I use green tea all the time and mix in a bit of […]

The Myths Of Spot Reduction, Starvation Diets & Cardio Programs
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If you have read through health magazines routinely, you have definitely seen many tips for weight loss. Many of these so-called tips are misinformation, wishful thinking or promotion, like the value of spot reduction, starvation diets and cardio programs as weight loss miracle. Tips that won’t work are the ones that offer fad diet, pills […]