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The Ultimate Antiaging Advice From Someone Who Ought To Know!
Categories: Mixed Bag

This fabulous story, written by Francesca Biller-Safran and printed in the Huffington Post, is indeed the ultimate anti-aging advice. It's written about a 96 year old woman who is younger than most anyone I know. I especially agree with her very first advice: "Don't spend a lot of time with old people, they just make […]

Future Investions: Future Technologies By Ray Kurzweil
Categories: Natural Remedies

Want to know what the future holds? what future inventions are coming our way? what future technologies are on the horizon? Ray Kurzweil has some answers and it’s truly a stunning vision. While the rest of us are mucking around in gloom and doom, worrying about recessions and depressions, he says life is getting better. […]