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How Yoga Training Can Help Reduce Injury
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you have been involved with fitness for some time, then chances are you are quite familiar with yoga training. But for most people, we tend to assume it’s either for hippies or soccer moms and pass it by because it looks too slow or that it may not have much benefit. But did you […]

Proper Diet and Yoga Can Help in Weight Loss
Categories: Weight Loss

Yoga has reinforced and grounded my own spiritual beliefs. – Christy Turlington When we talk about losing weight we actually mean losing fat … in a sense. There's a simple arithmetic for weight loss – take in fewer calories and burn out more calories. Simple as it sounds, the method or process to be adopted […]

Yoga Toes: Yoga Stretching for Your Feet
Categories: Mixed Bag

I do yoga and I have trouble with my toes (don’t most people?) so I am very interested in Yoga Toes. Steve Dub has written a really nice review of these interesting little “toe-fixers”. Perhaps Yoga Toes are the antidote to shoes that squish our feet into unnatural positions. Lots of people know just how […]