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How to Deal with Your Curly Hair?
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Women gifted with naturally curly hair have a regimen that is quite different from others. Curly hair is delicate, with all its twists and turns. It requires special care and considerations to maintain its health and appearance. It includes using products like Protective Styles to moisturize the hair. Thus, find the right products to help […]

Looking Younger In Under An Hour
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Cosmetic Medical Procedures Medical procedures to help individuals look better were once only performed on the aging population where, due to menopause, women in their early 40s would begin to lose muscle mass. Today, people of all ages are undergoing procedures to give them a little touch-up, to erase wrinkles, to firm, to correct, and […]

Organic Skincare Products And Your Good Looks – Or Not
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Our earliest ancestors certainly must have had some beauty products? After all, once we have safe shelter, protection from the climate and enough to eat, our thoughts turn to other matters – like appealing to the opposite sex. And they couldn’t make a quick trip to Walmart or the drugstore, so their beauty pharmacy had […]

My Dermaroller Experience = SCARRING!
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For quite a long time I’ve thought that using a dermaroller was … well, slightly nuts. If you don’t know what dermarolling, or microneedling, is all about, let me ‘splain. A dermaroller is a roller with a long handle, pictured below, and it has tiny little needles all over it. You roll it over your […]

How to Use Amla Oil And Its Benefits
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While there are many different types of hair oils, one that has not been given much attention is amla oil. Amla oil is extracted from the Indian fruit called as Indian gooseberry or amla. This berry is green in color and is very beneficial in a number of ways. Along with being good for curing […]

5 Tips to Get the Clear Skin You Deserve
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The skin is your body’s largest organ and to keep it looking its best, you want to pay it special care. While there are several spa treatments and special creams that claim to be the “be all, end all” when it comes to giving you that dewy, youthful look, the truth is you don’t have […]

Visiting Skincare Clinics to Regain Tighter Skin
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Skin is unique in many ways. For instance, it is considered an organ, and it is the only organ on the outside of your body. It is also the only organ that openly displays the physical changes that occur with age for all to see. When you were younger, your skin was most likely smooth […]

Inexpensive DIY Peach Beauty Gifts For Yourself or Others
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In our book DIY 517 Inexpensive Spa and Beauty Gifts To Make At Home we offer a ton of beauty and spa recipes you can make at home. Yesterday we were at Sprouts and they had some GORGEOUS peaches. I don’t like hot weather but I do like the luscious produce in the summer and peaches […]

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Thriving After 40
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As you age, your skin not only loses moisture, but it also loses vital elasticity that’s important to appearance and overall health. Because your skin is your largest organ of the body, it takes a lot of nutrients to maintain its structural integrity. If you’re over 40, you may have tried several moisturizers and creams […]

Natural Skin Care: Avoid These 10 Very Hazardous Chemicals
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Most of us have NO IDEA about what’s in the beauty and skin care products we used this morning. Even if we’re interested in natural skin care we often believe that ‘they’ are watching out for us. Not so! There are hundreds of deadly chemicals that are commonly used and if you check the ingredients label […]