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EFT Proof: Subjective Evidence That EFT Is Quite Powerful
March 25, 2017 .:. Categories: Self Help

I am a fanatical EFT’er, if you’ll forgive the made up word. If you don’t know what EFT, AKA ‘tapping‘, is, it’s a very popular and very powerful way to change ourselves and our lives. It’s not only powerful, it’s simple and easy to do and who doesn’t love easy? There are directions everywhere and […]

How To Get Out of ANY Trouble: Emmet Fox & The Golden Key
December 15, 2016 .:. Categories: Self Help

I have an amazing DVD called the New Thought Companion Giganticus and I’m working my way through my favorite authors, one of whom is the famous New Thought teacher Emmet Fox. Perhaps his most famous piece is “The Golden Key” which he outrageously claims, “… will enable you, sooner or later, to get yourself, or anyone else, […]

Blessing: A Surefire Way To Manifest Anything?
December 9, 2016 .:. Categories: Self Help

Blessings are a way to increase everything you want in your life. Blessings are usually considered to be religious but they don’t have to be. They can be seen as an expression of good will, of approval, of sending positive energy or even love. I use blessings all the time and I think they work because they […]

You Are Awesome & So Am I & So Is Everyone
February 17, 2016 .:. Categories: Self Help

Since this site is dedicated to bliss, so if you want a taste of bliss right now, watch The Awesome Video by Sekou Andrews. It’s a great way to begin every day – and finish it up, too. Notice how you feel right now, before you watch this champion vid … … and how do you […]

“I’m Offended”: The Weapon of a Bully
September 26, 2015 .:. Categories: Self Help

It seems that everywhere we turn these days, there are people claiming that they’re ‘offended‘ about something or other. In fact, I’ve personally grown to detest the word ‘offended’, but that’s just me. Still, I have two observations about this sadly popular phenomenon. #1: Being “Offended” Is Used As A Weapon The idea is that […]

Life After Rehab: Steps to Recovering in the Real World
May 25, 2015 .:. Categories: Self Help

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in 2013 16.6 million people in the U.S. over the age of 18 reported that they had an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Of those 16.6 million, 1.3 million sought treatment at a specialized facility. In life we all face challenges, but how we cope with them […]

Abraham Hicks on Happiness and The Law of Attraction
February 18, 2015 .:. Categories: Self Help

Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks is our favorite Law of Attraction (LOA) teacher and she blasts through lots of weak ideas in this classy video. The topic is money, but her advice truly applies to anything we would like to add or subtract from our lives. But as big a fan as I am of the LOA, I have […]

Some Perspective On Our Problems
December 22, 2014 .:. Categories: Self Help

I know you think you have problems, because we all believe in problems. But this short and delicious video just might give you a new perspective so don’t miss it – it’s definitely worth a few minutes out of your busy day. And bye the way … this does NOT, NOT, NOT mean that you and […]

Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 6: Living In An E-a-s-y World
September 16, 2014 .:. Categories: Self Help

My Gratitude Journal today is a bit hard to do because it’s so nice outside that I want to race out the door. But I won’t – at least not yet. Writing these gratitude pages is a commitment to myself and I intend to honor it, no matter what. What are you doing to honor […]

Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 5: The Power
September 12, 2014 .:. Categories: Self Help

Would you like to know my goal in writing this Gratitude Journal? It’s to live like this description from Rhonda Byrne in her book The Power: When you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. You break the limits on money, health, happiness and joy. When you fall in love with life you have […]

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