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Review: Richard Dotts, Banned Manifestation Secrets – Law of Attraction Confusion?
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Richard Dotts has a plethora of Law of Attraction books and one of them is Banned Manifestation Secrets. I have several of his books myself, but in this one Dotts contradicts himself. And this contradiction is so basic that it undermines the entire premise of his book. First he claims (and I totally agree!) that […]

The 7 Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox
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The 7 Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox is so worth reading and we are thrilled to offer it here.  Of course, it’s no use if we don’t DO anything with it, but that is, of course, totally your decision. = = = = = = = = = = = = The subject of […]

Gratitude Training: A 30 Day Experiment In Gratitude Exercises, Day 3
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We’re back on Day 3 of my gratitude training experiment. Pam Grout suggests playing a different gratitude game every day and yesterday I mentioned a game I like called “deem it fun” (see yesterday’s gratitude entry). I like that game so much that I’m sticking with it for a while – but with a twist. […]

Gratitude Training: A 30 Day Experiment In Gratitude Exercises, Day 2
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On Day 2 of my gratitude training experiment, I’m investing energy into Thank and Grow Rich’s party game #6. Which says, “… whatever you’re doing, deem it fun. Find the joy in it.” Quite a challenge, isn’t it? It’s like the gratitude quote below: bless “everything”? Really? Isn’t that impossible?  Today’s Gratitudes Blessing 1: I […]

Gratitude Training: A 30 Day Experiment In Gratitude Exercises, Day 1
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Today begins my apprenticeship in gratitude training. You’ve most likely read advice about how to be more grateful and it usually centers around keeping a gratitude journal. Honestly, I’ve never made it even an entire week doing that! What happens is that it’s time for bed, I’m tired and sleepy and realize, “Oh, damn, I […]

Law of Attraction Success & Emmet Fox: Mental Dieting
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Emmet Fox was one of the greatest of New Thought authors and, even though he didn’t know it, he contributed greatly to the Law of Attraction. Why didn’t he know it? Because the term wasn’t in use in his day although many of the New Thought authors referred to “The Law” which is the same […]

Reverend Ike on DESERVING A Million Dollars
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If you’re interested in the Law of Attraction and improving your life, and you don’t know Reverend Ike (1935 – 2009), perhaps you should learn more about him. The Rev was a very successful black minister who became wildly successful teaching “prosperity theology”. His motto was “You can’t lose with the stuff I use” and […]

Neville Goddard and His Imagination Game – The Key to the Life of Your Dreams
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Neville Goddard is one of the greatest Law of Attraction teachers ever although Neville simply called it The Law. But it’s one thing to know about the Law of Attraction and another thing to use it effectively. He claimed that what I call the “Imagination Game” is the key to great personal power. This excerpt […]

Pollyanna and Your Gratitude Attitude Made Easy
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Millions of people know that a gratitude attitude has powerful benefits for the grateful person and everyone around her. It might even be argued that “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” is an attitude that is good for the entire planet. But it’s not a popular mainstream subject – just watch or read today’s news and decide if […]

8 Techniques To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude
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Developing a positive mental attitude isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s up to you to incorporate a number of positive habits into your daily routine. At first these habits will feel like an effort, but eventually it’ll become more natural to look on the brighter side of life. Here are 8 things you can start […]