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Is (S)he Having A Stroke? Should I Call 911?
March 14, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

I’ve never been around someone who’s having a stroke but it must be a terrifying experience for both the one with the problem and those around her or him! “Should I call 911” has to be a terrifying question? Much research has been done on this subject and fortunately, there are now three questions we […]

DIY Tooth ‘Soap’ or Toothpaste
March 3, 2017 .:. Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

I’ve been informed that I have gingivitis and the remedy, according to the dentist, is a “deep cleaning”. It’s uncomfortable and horribly expensive and I’ve been doing lots of research for natural alternatives. One of the first things I’ve done is create my own toothpaste, which I should have done a long time ago. The list […]

End Constipation, Lose Weight & Clean Yourself Out With Only 2 Ingredients?
March 1, 2017 .:. Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

My son read about a way to clean himself out and is trying an experiment. It’s simple and inexpensive and we will be updating his results. Only 2 Ingredients There are only two ingredients needed: organic kefir and flax seeds. 1. The kefir: organic is highly recommended. I found a brand called B’More Organic and […]

Amoxicillin Has Made Me Very Sick!!!
February 27, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

This week I made a singular lapse in judgment! I had some oral surgery and the dentist prescribed two prescriptions: a suped-up Ibuprofen for pain and Amoxicillin, 500 mg, as an antibiotic. Without really considering it, I followed the directions and, as a result, have been feeling DREADFUL.   The surgery was on Thursday and […]

Using Loans To Handle Big Medical Bills
February 1, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

Medical care is expensive. With so much preventive care needed today and so much variation in copays and deductibles, most people find themselves with the occasional large medical bill that they can’t immediately pay. These bills can often become delinquent and lead to damage on your credit report, which begins the spiral into higher interest […]

Two Unusual Garlic Recipes For Garlic Lovers
January 26, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

These days you find information everywhere on the health benefits of garlic. We all know about using garlic in Italian recipes or yummies like hummus, guacamole or salsa. I like garlic – but only if it’s been cooked because the raw pod ain’t for wussies! Still, if you’re a garlic-crazed person like my son, here are […]

8 Breathing Patterns For Relaxation and Energy
January 18, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

I’ve been spending a lot of time breathing recently. That sounds pretty dumb, doesn’t it? What’s the big deal about breathing since we do it all day long? If you watch a baby breathe, you will see that she breathes differently from the way you and I do. She breathes the way we were born to […]

Butyeko Brearthing and Asthma? Early Results Are Encouraging
January 10, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

I have never been ‘officially’ diagnosed with asthma, but since my outbreak of Graves disease in 2010-2011 I’ve had every single symptom of asthma. The breathlessness and struggling for air can be truly terrifying. I haven’t been to a doctor since I don’t want to have any part of steroids but I’m always on the […]

A Fresh Start For Alcoholics
November 2, 2016 .:. Categories: Health

Alcoholism is a serious problem that continues to consume the lives of not only the addicts but also those who live with them and love them. Many studies conducted in 2014 show that the numbers are still on the rise. According to the findings, 6 people died each day and nearly 10,000 fatalities occurred on the […]

A Garlic Cleanse? Seriously?
October 16, 2016 .:. Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

Did you know that the ‘lowly’ garlic pod is brimming with healthful benefits? And none of them have the side effects of prescription drugs? (The drug IS the side effect, but that’s a different story!) Yet it’s inexpensive and readily available. What could be sweeter? So, my son and I are currently doing a 30 day […]

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