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Best Equipment for a Home Workout
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In the past few years the world has changed and we’ve realized all we can do from home. For many, this means working from the convenience of their own personal desks. While this has proved to work out well for many Americans, it’s important to not skip out on other things we might have been […]

Why Pink Himalayan Salt Makes You MUCH Healthier
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Salt. Most folks like it and some (like me!) absolutely adore salt! But apart from the luscious taste of it, you might be surprised to learn that salt – GOOD salt – is necessary for a healthy body. Which is why I only use pink Himalayan salt and why you might want to consider doing […]

Yeast Infections Part 2: Natural Remedies & Treatment
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Today we continue our post on yeast infections and you can read Part 1 first … Two Ways To Diagnose Yeast Infections At Home DIY home testing for vaginal and oral infection can help you give a name to a particular symptom you are having. While there are speculations as to the accuracy of these […]

Yeast Infections Part 1: Yeast Infection Causes and More
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We have a two part post on YEAST INFECTIONS because they are so common in these modern times and they are so darned uncomfortable! The itching can be unendurable, or may seem that way. So here are some ideas about what causes them and, more importantly, what to do if you get one of the […]

6 Natural Acne Treatments: Natural Remedies That Are Possibly In Your Home Right Now
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If you have acne, you might be desperate for ANYTHING to treat it. But often chemical treatments (that just might be very expensive) will make your skin even worse. So here are sic natural acne treatments  that absolutely cannot do any damage to your body or skin. Of course, we cannot guarantee that these remedies […]

DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent
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Mosquito repellent is OK, although I’d prefer a Mosquito Massacre Potion – because I truly detest insects. I don’t even like touching a page on my phone or tablet that has a picture of a bug on it. Ridiculous, I know, but there it is. Anyway, if you’re one of those people who wants to […]

Insomnia Panic: What To Do When You Absolutely CANNOT Sleep
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Your insomina Treatment Begins Now! It’s 3AM and you’re staring at the ceiling, in a panic because you can’t sleep and you have a very busy day tomorrow. VERY busy. Obviously, it’s too late to figure out what to do at that point. You need a plan. You need to know what to do ahead […]

Energy-Building Foods That Are Delicious As Well As Energizing
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Just about everyone needs an increase of energy. But consider this – grabbing your soft drink or other caffeine-laden treat isn’t necessarily the best answer. There are much better ways to naturally boost your energy when you need it the most. The genuine energy-boosters are fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and whole grains. Since fruits and […]

Aerobic Step Equipment For Home Convenience?
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Spring is almost upon us and perhaps you’ve decided it’s way past time get in shape? If so, you might want to think about purchasing your own aerobic step equipment to use at home. There are more than one reasons for buying your own home machine and the first is that you can get a […]

What Is the “Right” Diet?
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If you google the word “diet” or nearly anything related to dieting or fat burning, have you got any notion the number of plans are going to come up? You’d come across the South Beach, Biggest Loser or Atkins Diet, memberships like Weight Watchers or high-priced plans like Jenny Craig and a host of additional […]