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7 Unconventional Ways to Save Money
January 9, 2017 .:. Categories: Money

As the stock market and the economy are not on stable ground, saving money is something that has become critical for many families. We have probably heard all of the more conventional ways to do this like going to the library, going on a job with your camera and taking pics along the way, gardening, or […]

Selling Used Car Parts on eBay
November 30, 2015 .:. Categories: Money

One of the ways I earn my living is by selling used car/auto parts on eBay. I do so well with it that I made a course explaining what I do and posted it on Udemy. It’s called eBay: How To Sell Used Car Parts on eBay. During Thanksgiving week I got an inquiry from a […]

What Drives Energy Prices Up Or Down?
September 29, 2015 .:. Categories: Money

If you live anywhere between Miami, Florida and Anchorage, Alaska, you might have noticed that escalating energy prices certainly appear to have turned around since the end of the last recession. It turns out, however, that this is not quite true. It only appears that way. You have to understand the differences to understand how […]

Car Recalls: Is Your Car Dangerous?
June 23, 2015 .:. Categories: Money

Car recalls aren’t a very exciting or sexy subject. But the LAST thing you want to do is unknowingly subject your family and yourself to dangerous driving conditions. Since this is a blog about natural health I’ll make the quite obvious observation that the #1 way to protect your health is through prevention, not cure. The […]

YOUR Cyber Security Is Too Important To Ignore!
March 19, 2015 .:. Categories: Money

Since this is a blog about natural health you might justifiably wonder why we’re posting an article about cyber security? It’s because it’s just too freaking important to ignore and it affects EVERYONE on the Net. Yes, you. And me. Do Any of These Sites Have Your Information? Facebook Twitter Home Depot Target Blue Cross […]

Saving Money on Your Health Care
March 7, 2013 .:. Categories: Money

The organic world has a bad reputation for being expensive. This is true of organic groceries and even truer for herbal and natural remedies that people can use to help themselves feel better when they are sick or injured. Here’s some good news: reputations aren’t everything. There are plenty of ways to make natural and […]

7 Ways To Save Big On Weekend Outings And Still Have Fun
February 6, 2012 .:. Categories: Money

The weekends are fast approaching but what should you do, now that you’re ”financially dieting”? Well, here are a couple of fun activities to try out!

Attend A Fall Fair or Festival While Staying On Budget
October 19, 2011 .:. Categories: Money

Many communities around the world will be celebrating autumn with fairs and festivals. This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the splendid weather before the cold weather sets in. With some careful planning, one can enjoy these activities while still staying on a budget. * Buy Tickets Ahead Many festivals and fairs […]

Creative Ways to Save Money
October 17, 2011 .:. Categories: Money

Saving money can be hard to do, but it doesn't have to be. Saving up is about being willing to change your lifestyle, find creative alternatives and exercise self-control. Sounds hard? Not so much. Check out these creative tips for ways to save cash without compromising. 1. Dinner Parties Instead of Eating Out Most of […]

Five Ways to Save Money & Go Green This Fall
October 3, 2011 .:. Categories: Money

In our current terrible economy, saving money is a Big Deal for all of us. And if we can do good for our planet and save money at the same time, then hallelujah! Our guest author today writes about five ways to do just that. Here are five ways to go green this fall, saving […]

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