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How To Recognize Excellent Fruits And Vegetables In The Grocery Store Or Market
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We all know that fruits and vegetables are essential parts of a healthy diet. The vitamins and nutrients from them helps make the body stronger and can boost the immune system. Each fruit and vegetable has its own natural properties that are beneficial. For instance, a tomato has antioxidant properties that help cleanse the body […]

Brain Food: Writing and Reading to Make Yourself a Better Cook
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It’s fair to say that there are some pretty good home cooks out there, and reality shows that put them to the test show us they have some real talent. Perhaps you are one of them, or perhaps you are looking to get even better as a cook. There are two parts to this skill, […]

Healthy “Fried” Fish Cakes Recipe
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I recently saw a recipe for ‘healthy fried’ crab cakes. But I hate and detest crab so I decided to try it with tuna instead, which I dearly love. The albacore kind, anyway. My kids, son-in-law and granddaughter scarfed these cakes down so I guess they were a hit.   Ingredients ✪ 3/4 white beans […]

The Secret to Making Great Summer Coffee Drinks at Home
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Does your morning routine include stopping at your favorite café for a latte, Frappuccino, iced coffee or espresso? Is your barista driving a Corvette, because she’s getting all of your hard-earned money? If so, take heart – with the right staple of ingredients on hand, you can make some great iced coffee and Frappuccino’s in […]

A Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker For Glorious Summer Ice Cream
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Do you wish you could have luscious homemade ice cream whenever you like? Do you like the novelty of being able to experiment with different textures and flavors? If this sounds like you, then a Cuisinart ice cream maker, like the Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker pictured on the left, is the perfect solution for […]

Easy Homemade Ice Cream
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Naturally, hot summers are THE peak time for ice cream and easy homemade ice cream is so very do-able in the 21st century. With modern day ice cream makers you can whip up your own fav flavors in no time at all. But since you can buy ready-made ice cream, why would you want to […]

Kale Salad Recipe: A Simple & Radiantly Healthy Recipe
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Yeah, yeah, I know there are a lot of jokes about kale. But no one can deny that it’s healthy and – if you like the taste like I do – it’s a real taste treat. It’s easy to make and even (some) kids like it. So if you think of kale and go “ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” […]

Awesomely Simple Blueberry Bliss Dessert Recipe
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Those of us who love food – meaning, the entire human race (with a few weird exceptions) – naturally cast a calculating eye on the dessert table. And my go-to dessert for every event is Blueberry Bliss. My pan full of this delicious concoction has traveled to many, MANY places and it is always a […]

Muesli: Homemade Muesli = Powerful Energy Source
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Muesli is an incredible energy source, not to mention one tasty ‘cereal’ – which can be life in a dish. And we don’t mean sugar-laden junk from the grocery store. We mean muesli that you make for yourself that is loaded with healthy and life-giving ingredients, not to mention being delicious. The late John H. […]

4 Low Calorie & Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes
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There used to be a commercial that went, “Salads are great for watching your weight …” but we can blow the value of a salad with the dressing. Here are four salad dressing recipes (although one of them contains only one ingredient :-) that won’t pile on the fat and calories. Choose these instead of […]