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Lavender-Peppermint Homemade Face Scrub
May 3, 2015 .:. Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

There are lots of expensive and chemical-laden facial scrubs on the market. Why spend huge sums of money on uncertain products when you can make your own homemade face scrub for a small amount of money? And this yummy recipe from our book 517 Spa and Beauty Gifts To Make will give you a luscious experience […]

A Luscious, CHEAP Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Treatment
October 12, 2014 .:. Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the value of alpha-hydroxy for your skin. A natural alpha-hydroxy, that is. Well, here is a luscious little goodie you can whip up yourself and it’s so cheap it’s almost obscene. What Do Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Do For My Skin? Not much. Only: * Remove dead skin cells so […]

A Coffee Scrub For Your Face
July 19, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

If you're looking for an easy facial aid, consider a coffee scrub. It's an inexpensive and simple homemade facial scrub that you can concoct in minutes and only requires four ingredients. You can make it in a couple of minutes, apply for 3-5 minutes and be done with your entire beauty ritual in a natural […]

Safe Skin Care Has Nothing To Do With Price
June 9, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

There is no doubt that we humans are awash in a sea of dangerous, hideous chemicals. It's also certain that nobody – NOBODY – has a clue about the long term effects of this chemical bath. So if you're interested in safe skin care, you definitely must consider natural skin products. In fact, our report […]

Aloe Vera Skin Care
March 31, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

Many of us have memories of our grandparents breaking the leaf of an aloe vera plant and using it to soothe a burn or scraped knee. This is because the gel inside the leaf of the aloe vera plant has long been a natural healing salve. For centuries these plants have been used to help […]

Facelifts To Look Younger?
March 25, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

We think that facelifts are an awfully drastic solution to aging skin – who wants to look like Joan Rivers? Still, face lifts are one of the many options when it comes to plastic surgery. If you are looking for a drastic change in the firmness and look of your face, you may want to […]

Using A Laser For Wrinkles
March 18, 2014 .:. Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

As we get older wrinkles plague us all. Depending on lifestyle choices such as smoking and sun exposure people will have different degrees of wrinkles. Many people spend large amounts on lotions and creams that promise to help the degree of wrinkles. Here are BlissPlan, we firmly believe in natural skin care but we know […]

Organic Baby Skin Care
March 4, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

Babies have extremely sensitive skin so the chemicals that are found in some baby skincare products can irritate them. In order to prevent skin irritations with your baby’s skin you can use organic baby skin care products. Organic baby skincare products are made of all natural organic ingredients. None of the ingredients found in natural […]

Organic Skin Care
February 4, 2014 .:. Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

Along with the selections of organic foods and organic clothing materials available, you may not be aware that there are also organic skin care options. Like many organic products, the use of harsh chemicals and man made ingredients are eliminated. Most of these potions work just as well as the regularly advertised skin care items. […]

Your Diet and Natural Skin Care
January 28, 2014 .:. Categories: Natural Skin Care

With the increase of awareness of chemicals and what they do to our bodies more of us are looking for ways to be more natural. In addition to wanting natural products and ways of doing things, many women also want to be able to take care of their skin. For many it is important to […]

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