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What Is the “Right” Diet?
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If you google the word “diet” or nearly anything related to dieting or fat burning, have you got any notion the number of plans are going to come up? You’d come across the South Beach, Biggest Loser or Atkins Diet, memberships like Weight Watchers or high-priced plans like Jenny Craig and a host of additional […]

Affirmations For Weight Loss
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Our new Affirmations For Weight Loss ebook just might be the key you need for the slim, skinny, lean body you’re always dreaming about. I know from personal experience that affirmations CAN be – although they often aren’t – very powerful tools for creating anything at all. And when it comes to overweight I will […]

Wii Fit Plus Review & Game Options For The Wanna-Be Skinny & Physically Fit
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The Wii Fit Plus was put on the market in 2009 as an updated version of the original Wii Fit which made an appearance in 2008. I was an early buyer and I’m so glad because the Wii Fit Plus gave me a reason to want to exercise. It doesn’t even seem like exercise because […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 7: Think Right To Lose That Weight
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The process of losing weight is just as much about being mentally prepared to do so as it is being physically capable of the exercise process. While the notion of being physically capable of a weight loss program should be an obvious observation to you, the need to be mentally prepared may be a little […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 6: Weight Loss and Behavior Modification
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Let’s face the facts for a moment. Our bodies are incredibly fickle objects – especially our mind. For example, when you are entering your weight loss plan and have decided on a wealthy diet, after a few days you start to crave the food that you gave up. It is such a cruel trick that […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 5: Motivation vs. Action
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Before we delve too deeply into the discussion of how motivation and action are counterparts in the formula of losing weight, one think needs to be understood: dieting works. Anybody and everybody can lose weight and it isn’t just a “when the stars align” type thing. With the correct mind set you can start losing […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 4: How To Stay Motivated to Lose Weight
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Proper motivation is quite possibly the most significant factor when it comes to the success of your weight loss plan. Why? Because, without motivation there is very little personal incentive for you to go through with the hard tasks of successfully completed a full-fledged program. With that, what can you do in order to stay […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 3: Weight Loss Depends on WATER, WATER, WATER!
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Do you have a headache on a daily basis? Do you feel lethargic, or even a little “down in the dumps?” If so, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that you have a disorder of sickness of any kind. Because, more than likely, you are suffering from a simple state of dehydration. Yes, nothing that a […]

Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 2: To Lose Weight, Don’t Eat Less, Eat “Right”
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When it comes to dieting, there is a societal stigma that tends to state that eating less is the correct way to have a successful diet. While this is certainly correct given the right conditions, it is fundamentally flawed in its very nature. First, saying that one has to “eat less” to positively change their […]

Eat 100 Calorie Snacks All Day Long?
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Let’s face it – there are a lot of fatties in modern America (I can say that since I used to be one of them! :-). Many of us have 20 pounds or even more to lose. We all believe that eating fewer calories will make us then so it’s not hard to understand the […]