Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 5: Motivation vs. Action

Before we delve too deeply into the discussion of how motivation and action are counterparts in the formula of losing weight, one think needs to be understood: dieting works. Anybody and everybody can lose weight and it isn’t just a “when the stars align” type thing. With the correct mind set you can start losing weight this very moment.

But, the people who enter the diet phase and, ultimately, fail are only completing one part of the entire formula. Action. By getting up off the couch and doing whatever exercise plan you deem correct for yourself you are on the road to weight loss. However, action alone will not do the job. Without the added benefit of motivation, it is likely that you will see yourself fail. Why?

Because you need to want to lose weight for more reasons than just lose it. There has to be extrinsic reasons for your weight loss. Don’t get too caught up in this idea though, as your motivation and reasoning surely does not have to be groundbreaking. Quite to the contrary, actually. In order to achieve a real reason to become motivated to lose weight, simply sit back and ponder how your weight effects you daily life. Does your weight harm your confidence when it comes to dating? Or maybe your clothing is become quite tight? Or, possibly, you were told of impending medical implications. Whatever the reason is, it is not wrong. As long as you have a reason to be losing weight, hence motivation to take action, you are going to be successful in your quest. You will know that you have achieve proper motivation when you feel an emotional swelling inside of you to make a positive change in your life.

This positive change, again, may not be ground breaking by your personal standards. With your motivation clearly in mind, it is very important to keep perspective on your weight loss goals. Do not set your weight loss standards to please somebody else. Your weight loss is a personal venture that is between you, your body, and your mind. Anybody who should be of concern to you are those who are encouraging towards your weight loss goals and compliment you on your progress, no matter how small or significant it may be.

While the title of this article may be motivation versus action, please remember that these two differing elements are the keys to your weight loss goals. In terms of losing weight, you cannot have motivation without action and, therefore, you cannot have action without motivation. Clearly summarize to yourself why losing weight is important to you, and only you. Be sure to write this information down. Look at it everyday to remind yourself why you have entered the journey you are on. And, once you have achieved your weight loss goal, reevaluate your mindset and see if you believe there are any more motivational factors to continue losing weight. The more you learn about yourself, the more you will learn about your ability to lose weight and become fit for life.

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