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Installing A Brass Kitchen Faucet
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Installing a brass kitchen faucet isn’t difficult, but there are a few things that can cause problems to the inexperienced. To avoid annoying problems, there are a few things you have to prepare before the installation. Choose A Non-Tarnish Brass Kitchen Faucet A brass kitchen faucet may look extremely stylish, but it will soon become […]

Horrible House Fire At Our Neighbor’s Home – Don’t Let This Happen To You!
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All house fires are horrible but this one was really bad. Last weekend a neighbor’s house was burned so badly that it will have to be leveled and rebuilt. I started to post a picture but just didn’t have the heart to do it. What caused the catastrophic fire? DRYER LINT! But not line inside […]

Mattresses Are Germ-Laden Horrors!!!
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When you sink down into your mattress at night, grateful that at long last you can relax and let go, you might not think about the ‘germ-anic’ horrors of that comfy bed. We humans sweat, we leave bits of skin, sometimes we’re sick and are loaded with germs. And the list goes on … Not to dwell, […]

Luxury Bathrooms With Spa Accents
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If you’re yearning for a luxury spa bathroom in your home, you will often find it more than difficult. Even if you have a lot of time and money, having luxury bathrooms can be only a dream. Why? Because of all the small problems during renovation: wrong kind of faucets, improper shower rods, too-dark shade of […]

Making Power When the Sun Shines
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Installing solar panels is all the rage across the country for a number of very solid reasons. The electricity solar panels generate comes from a free, perpetual source that isn’t about to run out of steam for a few billion years or more. That’s not a bad starting point. With a few adjustments to your […]

The 2 Kinds of Garden Faucets
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Garden faucets tend to be very different from their kitchen or bathroom counterparts. While inside a house faucets tend to be both decorative and useful, garden faucets are strongly divided into two categories – standard and ornamental. Standard and Ornamental Faucets The first category of garden faucets is usually ugly but always sturdy and durable. The […]

My Homemade DIY Weed Killer Experiment
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If you look around the Internet you will find all kinds of recipes for DIY weed killers that don’t contain any hideous chemicals. The problem is that nobody ever provides any feedback on any of these concoctions so we don’t truly know if they’re any good. BlissPlan to the rescue! We made one and will […]

Choosing New Faucets For Your Bathroom
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We recently replaced our bathroom faucets and the thing I wanted the most was that they were ‘high’ – that is, they arched upwards and gave as much space as possible below the faucet. So we chose the bath faucets on the left. Choosing these little darlings is important and there are more factors to consider […]

Brown Rice Recipe: The Fastest, Easiest Leftover Warm Rice Recipe In The World
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Over the past year or two my eating habits have deteriorated. REALLY deteriorated. So I decided to do something about it because I feel so much better when I eat a plant-based diet. I’m not talking about a ‘diet-diet’, meaning deprivation. I mean in the broader sense of habitual eating habits. And one of the […]

Overseeding: The Answer To A Sad, Sad Lawn?
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Like most folks, our lawn looks pretty sad right now. And we have plans to do some much-needed first aid. Q: Does your lawn tend to look thin in spots? A: Yep, it looks awful right now. Q: Would you like it to be a lush green all year long? A: ABSOLUTELY! If you answered like I […]

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