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Clean Out Your Dryer Vent NOW!
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On April 27th I wrote a post about a neighbor’s house that had a huge, gigantic fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt but it suffered tens of thousands of dollars of damages. The cause? The dryer vent caught on fire! It’s been five months and the owners STILL aren’t back in their home. Well, just last […]

Appliances Have Scrap Value
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Appliances are common to almost everyone’s home and business. You may have a washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater or microwave that’s ready to be booted out the door. These have thin steel cases on the outside and more steel or moving parts on the inside. Even though your steel-cased appliances […]

Garden Trellis Designs In Your Yard
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A neighbor has recently had their entire yard redone by a landscaping company. I’ve really enjoyed watching the evolving of a whole new outdoor ‘home’ and one of my favorite of their ideas is the creative use of garden trellises. They are rust-proof because they’re made of a composite something-or-other and they’ve used both green […]

4 Reasons a Home Security System is Important
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Being a homeowner comes with some responsibilities. You’ll need to work to maintain your property and ensure you keep the value of it high. Another thing that will be foremost on your mind is keeping it protected. In this day and age, there are more reasons than ever to invest in a home security system […]

Growing Autumn Vegetables
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Autumn is my time of the year. I love and adore the weather, the colors, the quiet. And I also know that there are vegetables that do really well during the colder months, although I don’t grow them – I just eat them.  :-) Planting Guide For Fall Vegetables Plants which grow roots and tubers […]

Herb Gardening For Non-Gardeners
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In the past, I started a garden every spring – and when it got really hot and miserable in the summer, I neglected it and ended up with an ugly mess. So I have forgotten a serious garden – except for herb gardening. I love fresh herbs and they can be grown with very little […]

Craftmade Ceiling Fans: Craftmade For Victorian to Contemporary Minimalist Ceiling Fans
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It has been so horribly hot here in Atlanta that our fans and air conditioning units have been running full speed around the clock. One of my favorite ‘cool sources’ is the ceiling fan over my bed. We recently replaced the ceiling fans in all four of our bedrooms and we chose Craftmade ceiling fans.  Colorful […]

6 Ways To Clean Dirty Mini Blinds
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Let’s face it: how to clean mini blinds isn’t anyone’s all-time favorite subject. We’ve all seen those attractively streamlined mini blinds at our local home improvement centers.  They look terrific in their displays, but after staring at them for a minute, many of us ask, “Yes, but what about the dust?”, and walk away. But […]

Review: Scott’s Turf Builder Grass Seed
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Quite simply: Scott’s Turf Builder Grass Seed is a total winner! For years we have had a substantial part of our lawn covered with bark chips. Of course they decay and we tired of constantly replacing them so decided to change those large areas to grassy lawn. The problem, of course, was that we now […]

Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds or Composite Wood Blinds?
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Wood blinds are so “in” that they simply fly off the shelves. Personally, we use them all over our house because they’re great for folks like us who don’t like big swathes of fabric hanging in a room. What’s not to like? Wood blinds allow the sunlight but protect our privacy. Wood Blinds, Faux Wood […]