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10 Ways to Save While Feeling Pampered in Luxury
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Our guest author today explains ways to indulge in luxury – without spending the mortgage money. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? We would all love to be able to indulge and splurge on whatever luxurious items and services we’d like at the spa or salon. Unfortunately, times are tough, and that hundred-dollar massage doesn’t […]

7 Tips For Anti Aging Skin Care Products
Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

If you’re interested in anti aging skin care products then you’re interested in looking your best. And why shouldn’t you? That’s what human beings have wanted for thousands of years and it’s a perfectly wonderful goal. But anti aging is more than just nice looking skin – it’s a whole body project. Here are seven […]

Yes, We Women Need Anti-Aging Night Cream
Categories: Beauty

We all know that we aren’t going to live eternally. (Well, actually I am! :-) Our bodies start to age from the time we are born, that is why there is so much research into anti aging products – including my beloved anti-aging night cream. This aging seems to take up speed after we trun […]

Collagen Injections As Cosmetic Surgery
Categories: Beauty

There are many different ways to help defy the effects of aging. From creams and solutions to more invasive options like surgery, it is important that you are aware of the possible side effects and results of each option. When you have found that creams and special solutions are not cutting it, but you are […]

A Guide to Natural Skin Care
Categories: Beauty

Most women would like to find a quick and easy skin care routine that will help them look their best without draining their pocketbook, so here are some basic guidelines for designing an all-inclusive natural skin care regimen that will work for you. The most important thing to remember when designing any natural skin care […]

Organic Skincare & Its Health Benefits
Categories: Beauty

Claudia Keith, founder of Suis Organic Skincare Products, once said that “back before the industrial age came along, the types of chemicals that touched our skin were pretty much those that the Earth made on her own. Today it’s a different story. What you are putting on your skin day after day, year after year, […]

How to Find Natural Skincare & Organic Products And Services
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Due to the recent surge in the popularity of natural skincare products, organic creams and treatments are more available than ever before. Quality organic products can be found on the internet, in spas, and even at local health and drug stores. The best way to locate high-quality natural skincare products is to order them directly […]

Skincare For Men: 3 Tips For Powerful Men’s Skincare
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Proper skin care is something both women and men need to practice every day. Even though women’s skin seems more delicate than men’s skin when it comes to environmental influences, both men and women need to clean their skin daily to maintain healthy skin. Most men think that proper skin care is not manly and […]

6 Recipes For A Homemade Facial Cleanser
Categories: Natural Skin Care

When visiting the beauty department of your local drug or department store, you are sure to find an assortment of skin cleansers and beauty creams. These beauty products can range in cost from fairly inexpensive to being forced to find a second job to fund your various beauty selections. When it comes to skin care, […]

A Virtual Hair Makeover For Your Crowning Glory
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There are times when I look in the mirror and think, “Jeez, I am SO bored with the way I look!” If this happens to you, too, then we need to brainstorm about ways to look different – and the majority of them seem to center on our head area. That is, we can change […]