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4 Top Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy
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We all long for a healthy head of hair but often find that our hair looks dull and lifeless, even showing signs of hair loss. Hair health begins on the inside and there are changes you can make to your life to keep your hair healthy and full of life! A Healthy Diet I know […]

A Skin Care Routine For Men
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If you printed an article such as this 30 years ago it probably would have been largely ignored and/or ridiculed. But over the past few decades, the number of male grooming products appearing on the shelves of pharmacies and grocery stores around the world has grown. Millions are spent on advertising these products and many […]

How Do Eyelashes Protect Your Eyes?
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One of the most amazing organs of our body is the eyes. Obviously, our eyes let us see and appreciate the world around us. Without the eyes, our level of functioning would greatly diminish. Apart from the physiologic functions of the eyes, they also serve aesthetic purposes. Many people will take a great deal of […]

NeuLash Active Eyelash Technology
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As we age and learn new beauty regimens, the integrity of our skin and other protective mechanisms are also affected. One of these problems can be thinning eyelashes. Most people begin to experience dry, brittle and thin eyelashes and this is normally due to a lack of hydration, insufficient vitamins or external elements, such as […]

Natural Remedies to Treat Dry Skin
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Whether you always find yourself with dry skin or if you experience dry skin during the harsh, cold winter months, there are plenty of natural remedies to help with treating dry skin that do not require you to visit a dermatologist. When you want to use natural remedies to help with treating dry skin at […]

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner Review
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Beautiful eye lashes are not something to be envied these days. With just the right eye lashes conditioner, like the Revitalash by Revitalash Eyelash conditioner, you can have the eyelashes that you ever want. Not all of us are endowed with long, curly, thick, and healthy eyelashes. Some have short, brittle, dry thin and evenly […]

Becoming the ‘Silver Fox’: Embracing Grey with Grace
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Today’s guest author is writing about a subject close to my heart – grey hair. For some reason, I got my first grey hair when I was … wait for it … 19!!! Naturally, I grabbed the dye bottle and continued coloring until I was pregnant with my first child. I quit then because it […]

Surgery Free Skin Rejuvenation For Women Over 50 – Really?
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Surgical skin rejuvenation procedures for women above the age for 50 have become extremely popular. The popularity of the procedures can be attributed to the fact that pollution and hectic lifestyle leads to wrinkling and dullness of the skin. However, for women who are apprehensive about going under the scalpel, there is non-surgical skin rejuvenation […]

Nail The “No Make-Up” Look
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Our guest author today explains how to get the “no make up” look – which is an art form, of course. I admit that I can’t do this! A note to our American audience: the prices listed are in pounds but they’re readily available here in the USA. Envious of those girls who stroll down […]

Battle the Bloat: & Ways To Eliminate Excess Water
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We’ve all been there … we wake up in the morning after too many salty chips or double gin and tonics and stare in the mirror, only to see a puffy face staring back. Unlike gas, which builds up in the stomach and intestines and causes abdominal bloating, water can swell every part of the […]