Sydney Johnston

In any culture, there are beliefs that are are so “self evident” that we are blind to them – meaning we don’t question them because we don’t even see them. This site is about some of those beliefs that I absolutely refuse to accept:

Society’s Belief: Our human bodies are inherently flawed and will naturally and inevitably deterioriate until we can no longer function. And there’s not a darned thing we can do about this sorry state of affairs.

NO! I am in charge of the aging process, you are in charge of your aging process, and we can choose NOT to experience physical and mental decline.

Society’s Belief: Heaven [bliss] is somewhere else. It surely isn’t where I am, right now.

NO! Bliss is right here, right now. The fact that we don’t “see” bliss, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist but simply that we are blinded by our own obsessions and worries. In fact, I frequently experience moments of bliss and my goal in life is ever-increasing bliss.

Society’s Belief: Healing, when it happens, comes from outside ourselves. It comes from the doctor, the medicine, the surgery. We are just recipients and have no part in whether healing comes … or not.

NO! There is no healing at all without the participation of the ‘patient’ {a term that implies helplessness}. The world is filled with examples of how the human body absolutely did not conform to ‘expected’ outcomes.

Change is inevitable, but degeneration isn’t!

Don’t believe me? Then consider those fascinating folks with “multiple personalities”:

* One personality is drunk – and switches to another personality who is completely sober …
* An ‘adult’ personality swallows an adult dose of medication – a child personality takes over and overdoses …
* Different personalities have different eye colors and voice patterns [as reflected by machine testing] – and by the way, this is ‘impossible’
* One personality has a scar – another has no scar at all
* One personality is color blind – another is not
* One personality has diabetes – another has no such disease
* One personality is right handed – another, left handed

If we’re powerless beings, then how can these incredible differences be explained?

FACT: The ideas above are simply beliefs that we choose to align with, and not ‘truths’. If we’re not aware they are beliefs, then we don’t realize we can change them. I’m changing my beliefs and I invite you to change yours, too.

Jeremy O’Connell

jeremyTraditional medicine has a lot going for it. If I break a leg, then I want a regular medical doctor who will put my leg in a cast and give me a temporary prescription for pain pills. However, our medical system doesn’t focus on prevention and that is by far the best way to stay healthy. So, it’s hard sometimes to do what’s best – eat right, get reasonable exercise, take supplements when necessary (in fact, I’ve been known to cheat! :-) – but it’s the only wise thing to do.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that the healthier my body is, the happier I am. My own experience is all the ‘proof’ I need that the body and mind are totally tied together. And all this talk about bliss makes me want even more of it.

So, go “natural” whenever you can and focus on your overall health and life, rather than the short term thrill.

Jessica Shuemake


I hate going to the doctor — who doesn’t? It isn’t just that it’s inconvenient and time-consuming, but that I usually hand over a ridiculous amount of money to get some kind of prescription for a drug that will probably end up harming my body much more than benefitting it.

And of course, we have all heard the side effects horror stories of prescription medications. But most people simply ignore them, thinking, “That will never actually happen to me.” Well, I can promise you that all the people who have actually lived through these disasters once thought that it could never happen to them, either!


It has been common for people to completely disregard the effectiveness of natural remedies, simply because they are “natural.” These people always consider synthetic drugs to be more advanced.

But recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of natural remedies. People are finally starting to realize that humankind has been thriving on this planet for a long time by simply utilizing plants and other natural resources to prevent and cure illnesses.

It is ignorant to casually dismiss the effectiveness of natural remedies. And who wouldn’t rather use natural remedies at home than suffer the inconvenience and expense of going to a doctor?