Isn't it true that you know HOW to lose weight – but the problem is that you can't get yourself to follow through? How many times have you gone on a diet and sworn that "This time it will be different. This time I'm really going to do it." And you truly mean what you're saying. But then a few days later … or even a few hours later … you've blown your diet. With a sinking heart you realize that, once again, YOU'VE FAILED. And you secretly wonder "What is wrong with me?" Isn't it time to do something different?
Due to the terrible economy, millions of people have insomnia today. Is your life a living hell of exhaustion, brain fog, lack of energy and an aching body? In desperation, many exhausted people take prescription sleeping pills. An artist in Wisconsin stated that she believed she had been sleeping peacefully while taking Ambien, but she awoke one morning to find out her wrist was broken–the result of a fall while she was sleepwalking. You do NOT have to live this way!

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