Luxury Bathrooms With Spa Accents

If you’re yearning for a luxury spa bathroom in your home, you will often find it more than difficult. Even if you have a lot of time and money, having luxury bathrooms can be only a dream. Why? Because of all the small problems during renovation: wrong kind of faucets, improper shower rods, too-dark shade of paint, mirrors that don’t suit your decor. There are many more obstacles, but there is only one result – wasted time, money and the diminished chance of having a luxurious, indulgent bath.

Fortunately you can avoid most of these small obstacles between you and your prospect luxury bathrooms simply by following rules of good renovation.

Last to Install, First to Buy

Luxury in bathrooms relies on the quality of details, and it’s the details that we buy last. You will always find money for wall paint, but you will probably try to save on faucets or mirror frames. Luxury bathrooms need to be luxurious from the top to the bottom, not only halfway, so the details are important. One way to avoid this pit is to buy your details FIRST – yes, even before essentials like paint. Can’t afford both? Then either wait or lower your expectations.

Decorating Ideas Are More Important Than Money

Having a good renovation plan is more important than the amount money you can spend. Contrary to what you may think, luxury bathrooms aren’t necessarily very expensive. They just have to be well-planned. So make sure that your luxury bathroom’ plans is a good ons – draw it or (even better) use your imagination or some special computer program.

Better Comfortable Than Good Looking

And the last thing you have to remember luxury bathrooms should always be about comfort. Stylish looks that are miserable to use are just a disaster in the making.

An example: my bathroom has a built-in jacuzzi tub with mirrors on three sides. I though it would like great to have plants – some of them quite large – surrounding the tub. It was sort of a ‘lagoon’ look. And I was right. It looked great – but it rapidly became a major hassle caring for those plants! They required lots of care, dead leaves fell into the tub, their pots and leaves stained the surrounding ledge, and blah, blah, blah. Definitely not one of my better ideas.


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