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How to Use Singing’s Health Benefits to Your Advantage
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Feeling blue? How about a tune? Singing releases endorphins, which are your brain’s feel good chemicals. Science has actually determined that beyond endorphins, singing has a number of other spirit-lifting benefits. It has been found that singing can alleviate stress, anxiety, and enhance feelings of trust and bonding. As a sort of personal therapy, next […]

141 New Audubon Cross Stitch Patterns
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We keep adding exciting new products to our Pronoia Designs shop and the latest is a collection of 141 cross stitch patterns based on the famous naturalist and painter, John James Audubon. Of course, they are all available individually but the Audubon Collection is much cheaper and will keep a bird-lover in Stitcher Heaven for a long, long time […]

Flower Fairy Cross Stitch Patterns: 130 Professionally Edited Flower Fairy Images & Patterns
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We’ve just introduced a new product here in our BlissPlan shop. It’s 130 cross stitch patterns of the famous Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker. We sell all of these flower fairies individually, but for those who love the fairies, these are the best ways to grab them. And the first thing we do is have […]

Adorable Monogram Cross Stitch Pattern: A Is For Alligator
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Check out this adorable “A Is For Alligator” cross stitch pattern, perfect for any kid of any age. There are so many things to love about this funny gator! First of all, check out his eyebrows! They’re so arched they’re not even attached to his body – so funny. Secondly, he’s admiring himself in the mirror of […]

How To Make Your Cross Stitch Masterpiece, Part 1
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We love all things cross stitch around here – like this VERY cool kids’ monogram sampler. A cross stitch pattern like this fun one is the starting point, of course, but what else do you need to make a gorgeous, exciting piece of stitchery? What You Need To Make Your Cross Stitch Masterpiece Here’s what […]

Our Adorable New Teddy Bear Watercolor Painting Has Won My Heart
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

I’m learning how to make watercolors. And oil paintings. And I’m truly thrilled about it – and especially about my latest adorable teddy bear reading a book. I don’t know what Teddy is reading, but he surely is intent upon it and everyone I’ve shown him to immediately goes something like, “Awwwwwwwwwww …” If you’re […]

NEW: BlissPlan Cross Stitch Calculator
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Around here, we’re fanatics about our cross stitching. We have tons of finished work and have an endless greed for new and exciting projects. But, we need to know the finished dimensions of our pieces so that we can buy fabric, so Jeremy, our resident computer genius, has designed one for us. All you do […]

Here’s A Cool Printable Calendar For 2016
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Here’s a printable calendar for 2016. I think he’s very cool and I’ve already printed mine. If you like it, too, help yourself.  How to: #1: Right click on the image and save it to your computer – save it as a jpg or a gif #2: Click on your new image and choose ‘Print’ […]

Have A SAFE & Enjoyable New Year’s Eve!
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New Year’s eve can be a lot of fun. A brand new 2016 is a Big Deal. But let’s remember that even if you are careful about drinking and driving there are many idiots out there who are not. In fact, somebody almost ran into me today and it was noon. Of course, that doesn’t […]

Merry Christmas 2015
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It may be pouring rain here in Atlanta, but it’s still a joyous time of year. My house is filled with company, the turkey is roasting in the oven and all the presents are unwrapped. We’re having a wonderful time and we hope the same is true for you and yours.  God bless.