Smooth Music Therapy for Smooth Weight Loss

musicHave you noticed that while listening to music time flies? That’s one reason that many joggers and exercise buffs listen to music during their routine. Music is good for the soul. It turns out that music can also help us lose weight. Sounds like a formula for success, doesn’t it?

Americans are finally pursuing healthier lifestyles, including implementing a healthier, more balanced diet discipline and avoiding contagious fast food meals. As a generation, we are more engaged than any previous generation in combating obesity.

For many of us, that means walking, jogging, yoga, resistance training and other fitness routines. At first, we all have good intentions. In fact, many of us try to accomplish too much, too quickly. But, let’s be clear, the benefits of smart eating and exercising are worthy investments in your wellness portfolio.

Scientists have found that music can play an important role in successful weight loss and fitness routines. Overall wellness initiatives improve the mind, body and spirit. There are few things more inspirational or more soothing than a great tune. Music can reduce stress connected to the training regimen as well as reduce any stress from the home or workplace. All you have to do is pick the right tempo and let the band do their thing.

Music Diet Control and Weight Loss

Scientists have discovered that our subconscious mind controls nearly 98% of our ingrained beliefs and habits. This explains why it can be difficult to change behavioral patterns and other undesirable habits, like overeating or under-exercising. Some people eat without thinking about the consequences. We are more susceptible to overeating when we are stressed.

How men and women react to a number of emotional issues can influence the way they eat. People react to emotional challenges in different ways. If eating is an inherited or prolonged response to an emotional crisis, you are in a bad place and change is needed. You have a subconscious, ingrained response habit that is contrary to your overall, mind, body and spirit wellness.

Psychologists confirm that music affects us in many ways, on many emotional levels. There are times when we could all use a little more music and a little less anxiety.

How does Music Affect Us?

Psychologists and psychiatrists do not always agree. But, on the subject of music as a mood enhancer, motivator and stabilizing influence, these physicians agree there are benefits to be derived from music. Identifiable benefits provided by music are:

* Music lifts us up spiritually and emotionally.

Listening to music reduces stress.

Music can inspire us to overcome our reservations and achieve our goals.

Listening to music can speed us up or slow us down.

Music can improve our state of mind.

Music can relax the brain and, in doing so can reduce the stress that drives you to eat more than you should.

Music can evoke strong emotional responses. Music has the potential for incredible sensory stimulation. This explains why many therapists use background music during their patient sessions.

Ways that Music Therapy Can Help Lose Weight

Now that we agree that music is your friend, there are many ways song can be used to help people lose weight and engage in physical fitness. Up-tempo music is ideal for jogging outdoors or on the treadmill. Soothing music can reduce stress and help clear the mind.

If you don’t think this would work for you, try it the next time you are over-stressed. Just before your stress guides you to the refrigerator, take a timeout. Find a comfortable chair and dial up some smooth music as you recount the ordeal of the moment.

Whether it takes five minutes or 30 minutes give yourself time to realign your brain. You will notice a difference. And, best of all, you will not succumb to your old eating habit. Instead, you will be clear headed and re-energized and on the road to wellness and all its benefits.

Music Can Elevate Mood

A good workout routine increases your energy level. Science has taught us that when people, who are working out, listen to music they are more satisfied with their results than those who do not listen to music.

One of the benefits of music while working out is that time does fly. Music is just the right type of distraction to keep you on the treadmill. You will do better listening to music than you will be watching the clock to see when you are finished. There are good workouts and there are bad workouts. Music can make the difference by transforming the unfortunate workout into a positive, enjoyable outcome.

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