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A Natural Deodorant Without Aluminum Is Easy, Peasy – Only 2 Ingredients
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Using deodorant is doing the world a favor. I’ve been around folks who DON’T use deodorant and … eeeeeeuuuuuwwwww! But most of us know about the dangers of aluminum and many deodorants have aluminum in them, although it’s often disguised. So since we all love natural remedies on this site, let’s talk about how we can make […]

A Simple (And Cheap!) Natural Remedy For Ringworm
Categories: Health

Ringworm is an ”un-sightly”, to say the least, blemish on your skin – see the lovely pictures below. And it can itch, ooze and do all sorts of nasty things. Worst of all to many sufferers is that it looks so bad that they wonder if folks around them are convulsing in nausea at the […]