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Handling Issues: The New Definition of Family
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today writes a thought-provoking article about the structure of a family. We generally think about family as Mom + Dad + kids, including those blood relations, but the frequency of divorce has made fundamental changes in the modern family. It’s not as if the definition of family has changed. But, the structure […]

Home Security Features Your Family Should Have this Summer
Categories: Mixed Bag, Personal Security

Home security is important to all of us. Crime is always present and in our current horrible economy it’s even more of a problem. I live in an upscale development but our neighborhood newsletter now mentions nearby crimes in every issue. Syliva, our guest author today has some good advice for all of us. More […]

One Woman’s Look At “Old Age”
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today has some fascinating perspective on aging. If you’re past 40, or close to someone who is, you can certainly relate. When I see older people who are hobbling around with a cane or in a wheelchair, I always swear that I will never get to that point. I would not like […]