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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018
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Happy Valentine’s day 2018! This is the famous day of love, although we’ve mostly forgotten its origins and don’t really appreciate just how fine an idea it truly is. Valentine’s day honors St. Valentine who was a Roman who lived in the 3rd century. Not much is known about his life but he is considered […]

Happy New Year 2018
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Happy New Year 2018! We at BlissPlan sincerely hope that this coming year is a happy, safe and successful one for you and your family. And do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Most are abandoned within 6 weeks – make sure yours are not.

Nate: Atlanta’s 2nd Hurricane In A Month
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As I write these words, we’re awaiting the arrival of Nate, our second hurricane in less than a month. On September 11 I wrote about hurricane Irma which wasn’t too bad for us, but devastated parts of Florida and Georgia. My posts ended abruptly when we lost both power and Internet connection, but the electricity was […]

Today Is The First Day of Autumn, 2017
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In all the years of human existence there has never a person who loves autumn move than I do. NEVER! So I am thrilled that today is the first day of autumn, 2017. Today is the autumnal equinox when there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. It’s still hot here in […]

In The Path of Hurricane Irma
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As I write these words, we are in the path of Hurricane Irma. As you can see from the Weather Underground map to the left, it’s directly over Georgia and over we at BlissPlan. We went to breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and it was mostly deserted, which was nice, and there were no problems driving. Actually, […]

A Joyous Labor Day 2017 To YOU
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I love and adore Labor Day!!! And do you know why? OK, I know you don’t but it’s because I LOVE cool fall weather. I love everything about autumn and Labor Day is the emotional trigger for this favorite time of the year, even if the calendar doesn’t agree. It’s still hot in Atlanta in […]

An Intelligent Octopus Says “Thank You”
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This is an utterly amazing video. A kind soul rescued a stranded octopus and it literally said “thank you” to its rescuer. We tend to think of “other species” as having little in common with humans. Who would have thought that an octopus could feel gratitude? And more than many people I know.  I had […]

A Full Grown Deer Living In Your House? Really?
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This is a heart-warming video about a blind deer named Dillie who was adopted by a wonderful human family. Dillie is now famous – millions of people have seen her and she’s been on National Geographic and even had a book written about her. Dillie could have had a short and brutal life, blind with cataracts […]

7 Natural Remedies for Adult Acne
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Here are seven natural remedies for acne. However, I’m not making the mistake of thinking that you’re a teenager. Possibly you are but the truth is that acne affects people of all ages, even though teenagers suffer for it more than us older folks. So before you go racing out and spend a fortune at […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2017
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Happy mother’s day to all you mom’s out there! My mom has been gone for many years so be sure that you appreciate your mother today if she is still with you. We only get one!