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Happy Mother’s Day 2019
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Happy Mother’s Day 2019! I’ve read it’s THE most popular restaurant day of the year, followed closely by Valentine’s day. Guess all you family members don’t want to cook and it would be a bit tacky to ask your mother to fix her own honorary feast? :-) Seriously, it’s a time to let your Mom […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2019
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Luck of the Irish to ye on this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day 2019. If you have any Irish blood in you, be sure to wear some green today because you surely don’t want to get pinched. Just don’t drink too much green beer (ick!). You don’t need a hangover on March 18. ☺ 

eBay Fraud: What To Do If You’re A Victim of a Scam on eBay (Or Anywhere)
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I found eBay only three months after it opened!!! It wasn’t anything like it is today, as you can imagine. But I’ve done literally thousands of transactions on eBay and have had virtually no problems. But I was the victim of eBay fraud recently and here’s what I did about it. I have a Nexus […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2018
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Happy Thanksgiving, 2018! If we’re wise, we use this lovely day to focus on more than just food and parades and notice how many blessings we have in our lives. The photo below is focused on food and flowers but I especially like it because of the cornucopia.  The word ‘cornucopia’ comes from a Greek […]

Happy Columbus Day 2018
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Today is Columbus day in the USA. It is in honor of Christopher Columbus who ‘discovered’ North America, believing he had reached ‘the Indies’. The picture below shows replicas of two of Columbus three ships, the Pinta and the Nina, in Newport, Kentucky. Columbus had a third ship, the Santa Maria and I have no […]

4 Key Ways to Keep Aging Parents Healthy, Safe and Happy
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Since the 1960s average life expectancy in the U.S. has steadily increased. The CDC National Center for Health Statistics noted that in 2017 heart disease and cancer death rates dropped slightly, which is great news for older adults. As our population lives longer, adult children are faced with a new challenge – helping their aging […]

Amazing Bird Destroys ALL Our Assumptions
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This utterly amazing video proves – once again – that making assumptions about life is risky. This amazing, tiny, baby chick will absolutely astound you – I guarantee it. It’s obvious that the baby was responding to his/her mother’s call but I was aghast when it jumped off that mountain. HOW is it going to […]

Happy Memorial Day, 2018!
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If you live in the USA, you already know that today is Memorial Day, a day for honoring our heroic men and women who have fought so bravely for America. Many died in other parts of the world and never got to enjoy the freedom bought by their sacrifice.  And of course today is the […]

Home Remedies For Nasty, Gross Head Lice
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Looking for a home remedies for head lice? These nasty little critters are becoming more and more common, so there’s no need to feel bad about having them in the family. Just be sure to get rid of them as fast as you can! Of course, you can buy chemical treatments from the drugstore, but […]

15 Bobbsey Twins eBooks and 3 Bonus Bobbsey Twins Audio Books
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We’ve just added a cool product: 15 text Bobbsey Twins ebooks with 3 bonus Bobbsey Twins audio books, immediately available as a hefty ebook download. The books were written by Laura Lee Hope and concern the activities of two sets of twins: Bert and Nan who are 12 and Freddie and Flossie who are six. […]