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The Best Man’s Wedding Planner Checklist: Essential Duties and Responsibilities
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As the best man, you hold a crucial role in supporting and assisting the groom throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day itself. From planning the bachelor party to delivering a memorable toast, your duties as the best man are varied and significant. This article presents a comprehensive checklist that outlines the […]

The Maid of Honor’s Wedding Planner Checklist: Essential Responsibilities for a Memorable Celebration
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As the maid of honor, you have the honor of being the bride’s right-hand woman throughout the wedding planning process. From organizing bridal showers to providing emotional support, your role is crucial in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. This article presents a comprehensive checklist that outlines the essential duties and responsibilities of the […]

Wedding Planner Checklist: Duties of the Mother of the Bride
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The role of the Mother of the Bride is one of great significance and responsibility. As her daughter embarks on the journey of a lifetime, the mother’s support and involvement are invaluable. To ensure a smooth and memorable wedding day, the Mother of the Bride should be well-prepared and organized. This article provides a comprehensive […]

Baking for One: Delicious Treats Made Just for You
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Baking is a cherished culinary art form that brings joy to many. The aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through the kitchen, the satisfaction of creating something from scratch, and the delight of savoring a homemade treat are experiences that make baking truly special. However, most traditional baking recipes are designed to yield multiple servings, […]

Celebrating Independence: The Significance of the 4th of July
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The 4th of July, known as Independence Day, holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. It is a day filled with patriotism, fireworks, parades, and family gatherings. This annual celebration commemorates the day when the United States of America declared its independence from British rule. With a rich history and cultural significance, the […]

The Star Spangled Banner Like You’ve Never Seen It
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If you’re an American, you know the Star Spangled Banner, our national anthem. I knew a bit about the song: the name of the author, Francis Scott Key, and that it was about the British shelling of a patriot fort. But I knew nothing like what’s in this amazing video. The video shows the merciless […]

Review: Reality Is A Buffet Of Frequencies You Get To Sample, The Multiverse In Action
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Reality Is A Buffet Of Frequencies You Get To Sample is an amazing, deep and incredibly exciting book by author Kidest Om. The subject is the “multiverse” or the “many worlds theory”. In the 1950s physicist Hugh Everett proposed this theory which avows that there isn’t one linear universe, as we all believe. Instead, there […]

9/11: 20 Year Anniversary
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It’s amazing that today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The attack was in 2001 so it’s twenty years today. I’ve often thought how horrifying the choices were for the poor people trapped in those office. I am frightened of heights and the choice between being burned alive or jumping out one of those windows […]

Happy Labor Day 2021!
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Happy Labor Day 2021! It’s a thrilling day for those of us who love autumn. OK, OK, it’s technically not autumn yet, but it’s the emotional beginning of this glorious, colorful season and we’re celebrating anyway. So there. :-) I have zero confidence in the people who forecast our weather, but at least the trends […]

Tombstone: Doc Holliday & Gunfight With Johnny Ringo, Lessons From The Old West
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I LOVE westerns. Movies, TV, books. And the wonderful Tombstone movie with Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and other greats has a classic western scene: a gunfight between Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) and Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn). There are so many awesome nuances to this scene … This is a really brutal gunfight. Look how close […]