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A Bird’s Beak Saves Us From 10 Foot Centipedes
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OK, the headline “A Bird’s Beak Saves Us From 10 Foot Centipedes” sounds just a tad sensational, but it really isn’t. I must tell you that I am completely GROSSED OUT by insects!!! I know there are people on this planet who are fascinated with them and good for them, but I am definitely not […]

Happy New Year 2020
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Happy new year 2020! Hope your New Year’s eve was fun and safe and that you don’t have too terrible a hangover. :-) You might wonder about the image we chose for this page. It’s about the roaring 20’s of the last century. Hopefully, the 20’s in this century are as prosperous and as fun […]

Merry Christmas 2019
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Merry Christmas 2019 from all of us at BlissPlan!  May you and your family have a safe and wonderful Christmas. 

Christmas Beard Lights and Beard Ornaments: Funny & Zany or Just Plain Stupid?
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When my son sent me a picture of “beard lights“, I first thought it was one of those crazy joke sites. But no, it’s not. And not only that, there are accompanying “beard ornaments“. I’m not sure what to think of these. On the one hand it’s light-hearted and funny and the world needs as […]

A Special Table In Honor of Veterans: Veterans Day 2019
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This morning I had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and they had a special table set up in honor of veterans. I admire the restaurant for their notice and respect on this Veterans Day, 2019. Called The Missing Man table, every item on the table is chosen for its special significance. ✪ The tablecloth is white – […]

Natural Home Remedies For Arthritis, Nail Fungus and Migraines
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You most likely know about the value of natural home remedies over dangerous prescription drugs, at least initially, and here are some natural remedies for often crippling and always painful arthritis, ugly toenail and fingernail fungus and for those debilitating migraines. Home Remedies for Arthritis Many people suffer with arthritis pain day in and day […]

Happy Birthday USA: 4th of July 2019
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Happy birthday, wonderful United States of America!  Everybody loves the 4th of July holiday with its hotdogs, parades and fireworks (I admit that I don’t much like those at 1AM :-) Have a safe and toasty 4th and spare a thought for how blessed we are to be here in this wonderful existence.

Whale Watching With A Whale Friend
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We humans underestimate the wildlife that shares our planet with us. One of our favorite posts on BlissPlan is of an octopus expressing gratitude, which seems amazing, but it’s clearly true. Now here’s a whale who actually retrieves a girl’s cell phone. Around May of 2019, a beluga whale was found in Norway wearing a […]

The First Day of Summer: June 21, 2019
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Welcome to summer! Today is officially the first day of summer which is a favorite season for so many people – especially kids. “No school” is always greeted with approval. :-) We’ve had some days here where the weather was almost like my fav season – autumn. But there are bound to be lots of […]

Organic Baby Formula: Smart Move or a Waste of Money?
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Organic ANYTHING costs more in the store. So is organic baby formula actually worth the extra expenditure?  Of course, being a mom, you tend to be over protective of your baby. You always want what’s best for him and you want to ensure that (s)he is given no less than the best. This is especially […]