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Menopause Treatment Part 2: My Escape from Hormone Hell
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(Menopause Treatment Part 1: Forget the Damn Rocking Chair!) The Day My Doctor And I Got Into A Screaming Match OK, I'm exaggerating. We weren't really screaming – just 'raising our voices' a bit. I went to him to talk about my menopausal symptoms, and I have to admit they weren't nearly as severe as […]

Menopause Treatment Part 1: Forget the Damn Rocking Chair!
Categories: Reviews

Humans are like all animals – we have an inborn need to re-create ourselves. For women, the period of recreation begins with menarche when we become old enough to be pregnant and ends with menopause when we can no longer have children. Menopause is welcomed by some women because we will no longer have monthly […]