A Cat Print To Blow Your Mind!

Anyone looking for a cat print to hang on their wall, will have to search the world over to find one more unusual than this one! OK, maybe we’re exaggerating on the ‘search the world’ bit, but our cat is still amazing for two reasons.

 She isn’t painted or drawn – instead she’s a collection of squares. Either look at her closely here or go check out a larger image that has a closeup: Wildly Unusual Black and White Cat Print With Blue Eyes

 Second, her entire face is black and white (obviously) except for the blue eyes. This lovely contrast draws our attention to her blue eyes which almost seem to be glowing.

She’s 8″ x 10″, printed on glossy paper with archival ink and you can have her hanging on your wall in a few days. Check out our unique cat print and see if you don’t love her as much as we do.















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