A Law of Attraction Inspirational Art Quote That Is Awesomely Powerful

This Law of Attraction printable quote is one that is very powerful because we all have the ‘crazy voices’ that ramble on … and on … and on. And that voice is the Master and we are the Slave. 

You might be incredulous about the statement above, but let me ask you a question: WHO is telling you that this quote is untrue? Isn’t it your inner critic, that voice (s) that Never Shuts Up? And that voice gives us countless reasons to worry, to see what’s wrong, to focus on our dreaded problems. The voice literally drives human beings into an early grave.

The antidote to this dreadful voice is appreciation. I’d like to share this Abraham-Hicks story with you.

Abraham tells the story of the man in his car who invented this game when he was stuck in traffic. He said it was very easy to notice what he didn’t like about the situation. So he determinedly decided to notice what he did like about it. That his car was reliable and comfortable and his air conditioning was great even though it was warm outside. That his car phone gave him access to the outside world. That he had an off button on his car phone that allowed him to shut out the outside world! That there was a very pretty girl in the next car, and he’d been beside her for a long time. He really liked that!

My experience with “What do I like about this?” is to incorporate it in any part of my day, whether I was actively liking the day, or not. Just the activity of basking in my appreciation of what is going on, enhances my awareness and makes me more mindful of how good my life is and how much I love so much of what is in my experience. In the grocery store, I can like the abundance of healthful, inexpensive, beautifully prepared and presented food. I can like the cheerful staff, and compliment them on how much I like to shop there. I can appreciate the cleanliness of the store, and how they carry my favorite brands. I can put one of these and one of those and several of these in my basket. I can notice my basket is moving gracefully about the store before me, making it simple for me to carry all the wonderful food I am wanting to buy. I can like that I have a reliable car to get me to and from the store, and that the store provides nice people to bag my groceries.

Let’s get more concrete: right now there is a machine somewhere in the neighborhood that is irritating me with its noise. I can focus on my irritation – when are they going to stop that HIDEOUS NOISE? Damn it, they’re disturbing me!

But instead, I choose to place my focus elsewhere:

💗 The day is cool and pleasant, not too hot, not too cold
💗 The sky is a perfect blue and the sun is shining brilliantly
💗 I’m doing ‘work’ (ha, ha!) that I really love – graphic design – and having a wonderful time
💗 I love cauliflower and they have cost $3.50-$4 at the grocery store and haven’t been that nice; but I just got back from a trip to Sprouts which had gorgeous cauliflowers for the measly price of $.98 so I just ate some fresh cauliflower with pink Himalayan sea salt – yum
💗 I have a pumpkin spice candle going and my office smells lovely

There’s lots more, but you get the idea. None of this is hard – the only problem is remembering to do it. That’s where our wonderful quote above comes in. I currently have it on my computer, my phone, my tablet and the screen in my car. In 2-3 days I’ll get so used to it that I won’t really see it anymore and will move on to another one. But by that time it will be firmly ensconced in my subconscious, working to help me out. What a beautiful deal – and a beautiful life.

And by the way: as I was typing this, the obnoxious noise stopped. No surprise there. 

This inspirational quote is available already printed or you can grab it as a printable quote and do it yourself. Be the Master, not the Slave!

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