Brown Rice Recipe: The Fastest, Easiest Leftover Warm Rice Recipe In The World

Over the past year or two my eating habits have deteriorated. REALLY deteriorated. So I decided to do something about it because I feel so much better when I eat a plant-based diet. I’m not talking about a ‘diet-diet’, meaning deprivation. I mean in the broader sense of habitual eating habits. And one of the staples of a plant diet is whole grain brown rice which I absolutely love. When I cook it I make a huge pot and then use the leftovers in recipes or just warmed up. So I titled this post the fastest and easiest leftover warm rice recipe in the world because I think it must be since it’s so simple. If anyone wants to argue with me, I’m open to discussion. :-) Anyway, it’s easy, easy, easy so here it is.

Simple, Fast, Easy Leftover Brown Rice Recipe

Before I begin you need to know that there aren’t any measurements here since I just throw the ingredients in a pan based on how much rice I have.

Warm a small amount of vegetable bouillon in a skillet – I use Better Than Bouillon but any brand is fine

Slice up a green onion or two and saute it in the bouillon until it’s limp but not cooked to death.

Dump in your rice, along with a spoonful of Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids and heat until warm. Two comments on this:

First, you may have to add more liquid, depending on how much you put in the skillet to begin with.

Secondly, you might not like the amino acids. They taste like soy sauce and if you like chinese food you will probably like this tasty addition. Also, it is very healthy – much more so than normal soy sauce which is usually loaded with MSG. However, if you don’t like that kind of taste, forget it. It just adds flavor to the dish.

There are lots of additions that you can add to your rice.

Spices: There are a bazillion suitable spices for toppings. I have a chipotle and garlic black pepper I really like and I add pink Himalayan salt to just about everything.

Toppings: there are all kinds of seeds and nuts for toppings. In this recipe I used toasted sunflower seeds but I usually use pumpkin seeds because I love them. You can add chia seeds, flax seeds or pine nuts. Nuts like cashews or almonds are crunchy as toppers.

Rice additions: green peas or shredded carrots are delicious in this recipe. I like artichokes as well but there are many more choices like shredded cabbage or kale.

With a recipe this simple – and versatile – there’s no reason not to make a huge serving of brown rice and use it during the week. It’s high in fiber, low in calories and has no unnatural junk in it. What’s not like?

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